Common Enemy

Posted: 18/05/2012 by zandtao in ONE planet
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We all have a common enemy – the 1%.

It sounds kind of stupid to say this, doesn’t it? I am going to use some war parlance now. I have discussed this issue of collaboration before, and it probably sounded stupid then as well. I was reminded of this issue when I was reading about the Mind and Life Institute holding their annual symposium at the Hyatt somewhere. Now the work that Mind and Life is doing is very important, it is trying to alter the boundaries of what is accepted as knowledge and science by the establishment and trying to include meditation. In many ways this is upside-down but we have to work with what is. It struck me that this was going on despite the fact that the 1% are screwing the world and being responsible for many deaths throughout the world.

Here’s the rub. Was this mentioned at the symposium? For the sake of argument let’s assume it wasn’t. Is it right that the religious and academic bury their heads in order to continue work that in truth can only be beneficial in attacking the 1%? For me the answer is no, and the issue is collaboration. Let us consider the drone war that is being fought now. The biggest advantage of drones for the 1% is that no soldiers from the homelands of the 1% get killed. Therefore the politicians don’t feel any feedback from the drone strikes (maybe blowback later). Because these atrocities are being carried out without any homeland consequences, it does not affect daily life. It is accepted as a normal part of life that murder is committed throughout the world, and yet people normally go to business. And when the many people like me say this especially when those people are young they are described as hotheads immature and told to grow up. If you are compassionate you are told to grow up.

What has this got to do with Mind and Life? The people there just get on with what they are doing ignoring the atrocities effected by the 1%. And yet I know there were people there such as HHDL who know that whilst they were at the symposium the 1% were continuing with the atrocities.

What can be done about the 1%? Very little. Something can happen only when sufficient people recognise what the 1% are doing, and even then what can be done? So if very little can be done do we turn our backs on the murder and destruction that is happening through the offices of the 1%.

What could have been achieved by raising the issue of the 1% at the symposium? This was a symposium of religious people and scientists. All those people are members of institutions who collaborate with the common enemy – the 1%. None of those people will shoot the guns the 1% want soldiers to fire, but all of those people work for money the stock and trade of the 1%.

How much of an improvement to the world situation would have happened if throughout that symposium the attendees were saying that whilst we need to recognise that meditation is empirical knowledge and that meditation can produce measurable benefits – not measured by current science’s machines – we need to do what we can to lessen the influence of the 1%? These people are the common enemy of Mind and Life as they are the rest of the 99%, Mind and Life just happen to be people who will not be killed by the 1%. Unless they are Iranian scientists?

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