Lament for Natural Eating

Posted: 16/05/2012 by zandtao in Big Food, Big Pharma, Health
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I have just watched “Processed People”, and it was reinforcing to see reputed health experts presenting their viewpoint:-

Processed People

My lament is this. It saddens me that no-one listens. Long before I understood the relationship between food and healing, I was a political activist; I got used to people not listening. It took me a while to learn that it had nothing to do with my arguments, it was about self-interest. Rather than people fighting for each other they would vote for the status quo so they could keep their houses etc. Usually there was a patronising attitude that I would grow out of it, of course that patronising adage of “growing out of it” is a bit difficult as those people older than my 60 years are usually struggling with illness from their unhealthy diets. The thing about politics is that people know the system is wrong, how they rationalise it for themselves differs, but deep down they know it is not a fair system. They know it is unfair but self-interest directs them not to listen.

Part of that unfair system is BigFood producing processed foods that cause illness, yet for some reason people are unable to grasp this, and they are unable to see the necessity of a diet that would avoid illness. I am trying as usual to be careful with my wording. Although I would guarantee that healthy eating would invigorate your life, I could never say that healthy eating would cure disease. In fact I believe that it would, it has cured my GERD, but what it would do for others I cannot be certain. But I come across people with cancer, lifestyle diabetes, blood pressure etc., and yet these people do not see the importance of diet. I would say that these people believe I don’t lie, so they have to believe I am deluded – otherwise why not follow a healthy diet.

It make me so angry to see the suffering the system continues to inflict, and the further suffering people inflict on themselves. I need films like “processed people” to keep me fervent.

Of course I know my friends know better than I, that they have studied as much as I have, have watched as many movies, and have first-hand experience of eating a healthy diet. What do I do? Ram the diet down their throats force feed them!! People prefer to believe the doctors and nurses whose jobs depend on BigPharma, whose education is controlled by BigPharma, whose process is part of BigPharma. And do you know who I find it hardest to understand? The left-wing politicos who understand the power and influence of the 1%, yet they still go to the working man’s cafe for a fry-up.

Lament for Natural Eating!!!

There is a ray of sunshine for my lament. I found this URL which describes how Ginny Walden healed herself of cancer. Her diet was macrobiotic (my natural eating), she developed her energy through Chilel (the QiGung I use) and dealt with her disease with acupuncture. As for the mind, when you read her story you will see how important having the right state of mind was for her, this maybe would have been easier to attain with meditation.


I have just watched the movie, A Delicate Balance – the Truth. This is a good movie pointing out that although we need protein we can get enough from plant-based foods and the excessive consumption of protein in the West is the cause of disease. The movie is unequivocal as opposed to the caveats I feel it is necessary to write. The movie also connects our type of food consumption with environmental degradation, however I got angered with their final shot. If we all eat healthily then the world problems will be solved, we will regain our health and the planet will be harmonised again. If you have read this blog you know what I will say next. The 1% will not allow this to happen. The 1% exerts its influence to ensure that we will not follow such a diet. It is not simply a matter of personal choice that the majority of western people eat diets that cause disease, it is a 1% strategy both to get people to consume the products of BigFood and to use the products of BigPharma to attempt to cure the ensuing diseases. People should know that it is not easy to take the decision to eat healthily, forewarned is forearmed. Eat healthily, take control from the 1%.

  1. billzant says:

    “Processed People” have complained and taken down the link. Apologies. Please be patient. For similar information please check this link.

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