Buddha’s modern life

Posted: 05/05/2012 by zandtao in Big Food, Insight
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One morning the prince woke up in his palace. He felt mollicoddled and spoilt, and decided that he needed to see the world. Outside his palace he went, and all around he saw sickness and death. In him began to grow the idea of suffering that was the founding of the 4 Noble Truths. Then the prince began to talk to people, and he realised there was another important factor in the suffering. Death was often caused by war, and these wars were fought for profit. Then when he began to ask people about sickness he learnt that much sickness was caused by lifestyle. People were forced to work unreasonably. This exploitation at work often led to stress. When these working people came home they ate foods bought at the supermarkets. These foods contained poisons used to preserve the foods to make their profits, and these foods were not part of nature any more as they had been genetically-modified to increase profits.

Soon the prince realised there was much that was suffering caused by birth, sickness, death and the 1%.

2500 years ago there was a prince who became the Buddha. He came from a wealthy background, and we do not know whether the wealth of his family contributed to the exploitation of the people at his time. But in modern times such a prince cannot avoid the reality that the 1% are contributing to the suffering.

The Buddha of 2500 years ago meditated and came up with the 4 Noble Truths, an excellent guide in how to deal with modern life:-

The core of the Buddhist teaching is the Four Noble Truths: There is suffering. There is a cause to suffering. There is an end to suffering. There is a path out of suffering (the Noble 8-fold path).

1. The Reality of Suffering–dukkha
2. The Cause of Suffering–samudaya
3. The Cessation of Suffering–nirodha
4. The Path to the Cessation of Suffering–magga

Integral to the modern prince’s understanding of suffering was the reality that the 1% contribute to suffering. The process of life involving birth, sickness and death leads to suffering yet war and disease caused by the 1% greatly adds to this suffering. The cessation of suffering happens when we are not attached to desire. As part of this non-attachment we can recognise that the 1% encourage all these desires, and we can begin to let go of these desires – letting go of some of the hold the 1% have over us by minimising their tool of control, money. And as a means of doing this we have the Noble 8-fold Path to guide us.

I know of some who would find this offensive. However it is with the greatest respect that I offer it.

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