Sustainable compromise

Posted: 29/04/2012 by zandtao in ONE planet
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I admired this clip of a man whose family have spent time on their home making it sustainable.

Richard Heinberg has a longstanding position in the movement writing much on energy environments etc. I liked most of what he had to say except that at times his language was evasive – obviously avoiding confrontation.

But then his summary at the end made me ask “what planet are you living on?” Man needs to do this, focus more on this, do this nice thing that would be good for us in this nice little world we live in that just happens to have gone a bit wrong. Isn’t it time these people faced up? I made my living in compromise, and now I have retired I realise I was played. This makes me angry but it doesn’t mean I should stand by and watch as others who have compromised fall in line with the 1%. “We need to save oil for hospitals.” Where do you live where you can see the 1% making decisions in a time of scarcity that is going to save oil for hospitals? Those in compromise-land say “we know what Richard means”. If he means it say it, the 1% don’t like discomfort – lesson from Jamie Johnson’s movie. The 1% dish out all the lies, they cause wars, that have caused a global financial crisis, but they don’t like their nice pleasant little world being made uncomfortable. Well if they don’t like it then we need to make them uncomfortable, whilst all this compromise avoids confrontation these people don’t have to get up in the morning and face what they are doing. Make it hard for these people to look in the mirror.

In the movement we were forced to compromise, thankful for mainstream coverage however little. Forget that game. The game is not about awareness. People know if they want to. Most people choose to look away. Don’t let them look away because we avoid the truth with euphemisms and compromise. When these people look away with one eye, and climb on your back to the top, tell them. Make them feel uncomfortable. Their greed is being used by the 1%. Look them in the face and call them collaborator. And call the 1% for what they are, people who are rich because they cause war, starvation, the world to suffer. Don’t rant, don’t rave, tell them like it is, and enjoy the comfort there is in the truth.

Richard, what you are doing at home is good, don’t compromise with the rest.

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