Excitotoxins and my migraines?

Posted: 14/04/2012 by zandtao in Health
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Were my migraines caused by excitotoxins?

I had a history of migraines that only recently stopped. They stopped gradually because I have started eating a Natural Health diet – since calling it the Zandtao Healing Plan and Personal History on my health page. Although the diet I followed was to get rid of GERD, I have found that with its pursuance migraines have disappeared as well. I attribute this to the diet and being stress-free in retirement – and Zandtao.

I got used to living with migraines. They usually occurred in the evening, so those evenings were a write-off, but as I had migraines for at least 30 years they were just a fact of life. One year I had serious acupuncture and herbal therapy – every evening for 3 weeks, and for a year I had no migraines. But apart from this with varying strength every illness I had included a migraine – never serious illness – just flu.

I never knew what caused them. My diet was not good but it was not that bad. I am sure the onset of the migraines were as a result of being an alcoholic, but I stopped drinking more than 20 years before the migraines stopped. I was however vegetarian much of that time, but not a healthy vegetarian. I was not careful with my diet, and did not try to eat healthily – I just did not eat meat. In fact I ate too much butter and cheese, partial to cheese on toast and toast with an excess of butter. Yes I have had a candida problem since. In fact when I dealt with the candida on the health plan, I saw that as the final nail in the coffin of my migraines.

But whilst I still consider that true, I am now of the view that on my way I had indulged in an excess of excitotoxins. It seems to me horrendous what they do. These chemicals induce a feeling that the food tastes good, they do not actually alter the taste of the food. When BigFood can do this, how can one possibly see any form of integrity in what they do?

Here is a Natural News article describing excitotoxins in MSG and aspartame – here is a movie about aspartame, I know this movie, why should I be surprised at what they do with excitotoxins?. Then here is an interview with Dr Russell Blaylock which includes discussion on excitotoxins. Whilst I never knew the source of my migraines it makes a lot of sense to think that there was some chemical imbalance – too much glutamate. Whether this is true or not I will never know, but the Zandtao Health Plan dealt with the issue.


Good interview at Natural News with Russell Blaylock. MSG was originally introduced by the military as a means of “tastifying” rations during the war.

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