Posted: 13/04/2012 by zandtao in Health

As we get older our eyes lose focus, this is the muscles weakening with age. This is no different to any of our muscles – as we get older they get weaker. It is harder to keep in shape, and there is strong evidence that many don’t try. And when they don’t try, you can see it in their health, and likewise when people do try ….

But do we ever think about exercising our eye muscles? I certainly haven’t. In my mid-40s I got headaches. Headaches I was used to, but this time the headaches were associated with the computer. I looked into screen radiation, and all that stuff. My eyes had always been good, it wasn’t them. Eventually I had them tested and sure I needed reading glasses. Wearing glasses those particular headaches went, sure enough it was the weakening muscles, and sure enough I did nothing about it.

Until now.

Reading this from Natural News I have developed a similar set of exercises to that in the article – no real difference.

1) Keeping my head still I cover my left eye, and with my right eye I try to draw as large a circle with my eye as possible anti clockwise. Down to the bottom then out as far to the right as possible, up over to the left and then down left.

2) Again keeping my head still I cover my right eye, and try to draw as large a circle as possible anticlockwise with my left eye.

3) The two of these together is one time. I do this 20 times anticlockwise, and 20 times clockwise.

4) Having done this I give my eyes some chi. With palms flat and touching I rub the fingers together hard until the skin is hot, and then I put my fingers on my eyes. When my fingers have cooled, I rub my hands again, give my eyes chi, and do it again.

I haven’t got rid of my glasses yet, but hopefully my eyesight will not get worse.

I always like to think people can learn from my blog, but this is a real eye-opener.

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