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Posted: 07/04/2012 by zandtao in Health
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I am pleased I watched this movie. It showed me that there is a serious issue that needs questioning – the use of hemp. I don’t think the movie exposes Thrive. I have not seen Thay touting hemp, more in line mb does not tout hemp. All the different medical movies I have put up don’t tout hemp, so why should Thrive? But importantly why isn’t hemp being investigated for its curative properties?

Maybe you would like to argue that our system would not make illegal something that is beneficial. That doesn’t wash with me, after all Gerson and Burzynski have suffered from the cancer industry. It is clear from Thrive Exposed (links below) and Run from the Cure that historically hemp has been curative, and it is equally clear that the 1% would not want hemp if it was effective – because they cannot patent it and make a profit. Hemp is a plant, it grows, it cannot be owned by the 1% so it is made illegal.

The movie makes the legitimate point that hemp products would compete with P&G ie take their profits. When I further examine these two blogs mentioned in the movie (Myles O’Howe and Thrive Debunked), I can see that the potential for hemp is great, and the fact that medicinal use of hemp and cannabis has been suppressed is important. There appear to be further uses of hemp that could benefit mankind. I have been remiss with this as I have associated the promotion of hemp and cannabis for medical and other purposes as a subterfuge for legalising drug usage. This encouraged remiss is meant to happen, of course.

Then they attacked Proctor & Gamble for animal testing, so they are attacking Foster Gamble for not attacking P&G. To me it is good that a member of the 1% is blowing the whistle, does he have to attack his own family – even though they merit an attack? The movie did say stop using P&G products to stop animal testing, but they could also have said “Stop using P&G products as they damage your health”. Here is the movie’s boycott link

Next Thrive Exposed returned to its attack on hemp repression. Hemp was used to make the first diesel in the diesel engine, and has been attacked by the petroleum industry. “A small group control the world because the most superior resource on earth (Hemp) is illegal.” I love a good conspiracy but isn’t this a bit much? To be honest I don’t know, and I am never likely to. the movie continued in this vein.

Apparently Thrive’s company got Thrive Exposed blocked from You-Tube, so maybe there is something to what this guy is saying. Summarising this guy’s message as “Thrive should promote hemp, hemp would undermine the 1%, and hemp would reduce P&G profits”, surely this is not enough to affect a big budget approach such as Thrive.

In my earlier blog on Thrive I liked the message, but felt there was a commercialism – not a free distribution. Then there was a “pay-to-learn” about Thrive and I went against it. Thrive Exposed does not alter any of that, all it does is make me want to look into hemp.

Here are Thrive Exposed links:-

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6

I downloaded the links and joined it as one movie to watch it – worthwhile.

I am going to look for some authority on hemp – Health Ranger?

  1. naivelysage says:

    Fascinating discussion. I’ve only looked at Part 1. I agree that Thrive is too commercial but it is part of an ongoing discussion about how knowledge/perception is controlled by the elites. Thrive Debunked is also part of that discussion. The more people think about the manipulation the more hope there is of an awakening .. It seems that both Thrive and Thrive Debunked serve this purpose.

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