International Criminal Court

Posted: 04/04/2012 by zandtao in Struggle

I hear this name being thrown around, and various people such as Tawakkol Karman (clip and biography) seeking justice through the ICC. As with many of such organisations the 1% purpose is to present an image of genuine justice whilst really acting as a diversion – tieing people down with red tape, jumping through hoops etc.

Now evidently Israel needs to be brought up on charges with the ICC. But they are not, so the question is “why not”. This article from the Electronic Intifadah begins with some of the reasons. Now as pointed out in the article the ICC should carry some kind of usage warning – “only used in Africa because the real international criminals are too powerful”. This article begins to show how this usage warning takes effect with talk of Rome Statute. Then there is the prosecutor’s double-speak fitting in with the usage warning – “it cannot consider allegations of crimes committed during the conflict unless the relevant UN bodies or ICC states parties determine that the Palestinian Authority is a state.” Is Israel on the ICC “allow-to-prosecute” list? Let me check the list:-


Not even Yemen, Tawakkol

A crime is a crime there are no ifs ands or buts.

People throw up their hands over Israel and Palestine but as global injustice goes there is little worse. Go here and subscribe. But maybe not, the frustration at the injustice can only cause you anger.


This is my view and does not come from Electronic Intifada. EI are playing the required political game of using whatever organisations they can to expose injustice. Here they use Amnesty International to expose the ICC, but Amnesty are not much better. What have Amnesty USA done about Occupy? Nothing, because they will be labelled political, lose charitable status and therefore the funding. Without their funding then all the heroes working for Amnesty will lose their houses etc. The 1% have control through their money. Earn your living outside the control of the 1%, that is the only strategy that has long-term meaning.

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