The disappearing midwife

Posted: 21/03/2012 by zandtao in Freedom, Health

You won’t often see me write about women’s issues as I know little about them. To be quite honest I have written about women in relationships often, as that is how I have experienced women. And in relationships that don’t have violence I perceive women as being in charge. Now it could easily be said that I have control issues, and combine that with the fact that I never wanted to have children, maybe that statement will be put in a different context. Maybe it will be perceived, especially by women, that I have a problem. However I live alone so whether I have a problem or not, it doesn’t matter, because the conflicts that have arisen within my relationships, whether because of my perceptions or not,just don’t arise now. No problems for me, none for erstwhile partners.

To me these relationship issues arise in part as a consequence of the feminist movement, so I want to place my perspective in that context. As a young man I grew up with the feminist movement, and whether it was my family background or not, I had no doubts at all that in my parents’ generation women were oppressed in the home. Today in the majority of western homes I don’t see that as the issue, in fact I perceive many men being oppressed. But that is a judgement call made by observation, and I completely accept that that judgement could be biased – I have a male viewpoint.

Now I hear of people like Eve Ensler going on about women’s issues and part of me gets angry. First and foremost the incidents of violence and rape that are carried out globally are disgraceful, and I support women who are fighting against these. Such incidents of gender violence needs to be stamped out but in fact the men committing that violence make it so much worse for the rest of us because it gives women the legitimate right to campaign against this oppression. And these campaigns end up in the home.

But in the West we then have a right-wing backlash to this campaigning in which women are losing their rights because of religious bigotry. When it comes to reproductive health women have the right to choose. PERIOD! They have the responsibility, they have the right. PERIOD! In the US right-wing groups are trying to dictate to women, this is wrong and needs to be fought. The abortion issue makes me laugh and cry. Look at the amount of money that goes into the anti-abortion campaigns. Huge. How many of the abortions are carried out because the women are not capable of looking after the children – drug issues, finance etc. Why not find a solution that helps the woman look after the child properly. No the position is a typical intellectual position. The intellectual thought is that babies are alive from conception during pregnancy, and that intellectual thought surpasses all practicalities of a healthy and prosperous life for the child.

What sparked this blog was watching a midwife on Democracy Now. Watch Ina May Gasken (clicking the image takes you to the website where you can download or watch the interview):-

This is a follow-up interview that wasn’t aired (click Ina May’s image and download from the Democracy Now site):-

This lady knocked me back. Now of course it is in the country that is most dominated by the 1%, so the craziness that happens there is excessive. But a midwife, hey what’s wrong with that? In Nature a woman gets pregnant and has a baby. A bit noisy, a bit painful, but women have babies (a bit of humour?). So a midwife has expertise to help a mother through it, good natural childbirth. Like on the farm (see where Ina may works)!! I didn’t even think there was an issue here.

Then I’m listening, more than half the childbirths are with the knife, and US maternal deaths are 50th in the world, are on the increase and many are not being reported. When I hear this it makes me question all my attitudes concerning relationships. I am living in a world that does this to women, this is a disgrace. It is such a disgrace I had to vent in this blog.

This next bit perhaps some women might not go for. In the same way that race is used as an issue to divide the 99% so are these attacks on women’s rights. Turn people against each other woman against man, black against white, and so on. This is the 1% version of the “Divide and Rule Colonialism” concerning women. Out of frustration women turn against men because it is men who have the power and who cause these issues of altering Nature’s birth process. Women, please, turn against the 1% – not men. We don’t have these political ignominies around birth to face, but the 1% dumps on us in different ways. When men have been dumped on at work and we come home, do we need to be the wall that your mud is slung at? Isn’t it our home as well? For many no, and men go to the bar despite having gone to work to pay in part for the home. Women then rest in their home, angry and frustrated. Just because the 1% are a harder target, don’t turn on the man just because your relationship with the man makes you vulnerable to some of the 1% colonialist strategy. It is not his fault, it is the fault of the 1%. respect each other, listen to each other, and find a way of venting your anger on the legitimate target.

Use your wisdom to see where the power really is, and target them.

Update 13/4/12:-

In Indiana midwifery is being made illegal through bogus qualification practices. Here Natural News reports on a midwife being arrested in Indiana, more details here. Then here is a NY Times article that describes another woman being hounded for competently delivering children – being made illegal because the hospitals want the profits and establishment won’t give licenses.

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