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I have never properly addressed the issue of dairy. When I started my diet I was told to keep off dairy, and I did as I was told; my diet has been very helpful so I never questioned this. Throughout I had sort of accepted that the purpose of mother’s milk is for their children and that it is species-dependent ie cow’s milk for calves; this fitted in with my Nature position. Just recently I had my first clear personal reaction to milk. I had been making kefir from milk. Now I saw kefir as helping the intestinal bacteria so I ignored the fact that it came from milk – dairy. I began to develop headaches – a definite personal sign that there was something wrong in my diet.

When watching the movie “Forks over Knives” I noted that one of the health advocates initially included dairy but then withdrew it and his health plan then had a better impact.

So I have pieced together some data. First you can note the difference in the two plates of Harvard Public Health and the USDA:-

Govt say dairy, Harvard say dairy 1/2 helpings a day. Personally I say no dairy. Govt say grains, Harvard say whole grains. Harvard say limit sugar. Why not no sugar? And why tea or coffee? Neither good for you; [20/9/13 – Organic black coffee is acceptable, as is green tea]. Harvard much nearer the mark. Checkout this article about these “plates”.

Why is dairy a problem? I had it right but never understood it properly – milk is not meant for us. And here the key to understanding is balance. Nature has a balance. It provides that balance for mother’s milk for humans so that as babies we grow well and naturally, and it provides mother’s milk for calves so they grow naturally. BUT there is no natural interchange, cow’s milk is not balanced for humans. Scientifically John McDougall, in the lecture Truth or Dairy, brings that home with a comparison chart between different species.

And I also now understand my GERD as cheese – (a significant part 20/9/13). For many years I was a bad-diet vegetarian, and basically ate far too much cheese – hard cheese. Now I have since recognised an excess of mucus as associated with the dairy, but hard cheese is highly acidic. So when I cut out the cheese my GERD quickly went away. Interestingly enough John McDougall’s talk was given to the vegetarian society. I think he describes himself as a plant-based vegetarian (kind of sounds vegan to me), so maybe I should have heard his lecture years ago. But I wasn’t that serious with my diet then, it was a half-hearted approach of not killing animals and better health.

Now John gave another talk here (click the link and then click the download button at the site), and it kind of lost me. He points to numerous diseases or conditions that dairy products contribute to and said there was research. A bit too technical for me, however towards the end he compared the constituents of meat with milk, and quite clearly showed milk as “liquid meat”; that I liked. There is duplication of the first clip in the second, but I found the material easier in the first.

In that clip, Truth or Dairy, he talked of calcium. Cow’s milk provides the calcium for calves, but there is no evidence it does for humans. In fact he brought up research that showed that milk damaged bones. It is hard to believe that there is no scientific evidence to back up the years of indoctrination of drinking milk for calcium. There is no doubt that there is more calcium in cow’s milk but drinking milk does not put that calcium in bones. That is still hard to swallow, and that is from someone who doesn’t believe anything from the 1%.

As yet I haven’t watched this but this clip is his dietary solution – the starch solution.

Here is Dr Akilah talking about how she feels about milk. And here another person’s view in detail.

I am glad I investigated milk. and I am now armed with the info. I might still have the occasional pizza but not that often, but there is no way it will be more than occasionally.

20/9/13 – Torrents now available-

Truth or dairy

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