Khao Rakam

Posted: 11/03/2012 by zandtao in Health

I recently found a small source of organic food. Just outside a local supermarket at the returns counter they are selling a small amount of organic food – lettuce, Thai green beans, morning glory, sometimes chillies and others. Not enough variety for me, but every bit helps.

Then I was knocked back because the veg is grown at a local prison, Khao Rakam, and the food is marketed as “Food Safety Trat”. How terrific! OK I’m sure the prisoners don’t have a choice but the fact is that they are producing healthy food. Tremendous!

Then my mind wanders. In California an organic food club is raided by the police – simply for selling organic food to its members:-

Then we have James Stewart selling raw milk. Now I don’t eat dairy (Update see Dairy, I don’t recommend any dairy raw or otherwise), but there are many people who see it as a healthy alternative. Isn’t that their choice? If you don’t want it don’t buy it. From Natural News listen to what happened to him:-

I then watched a couple of RT clips about how genetically engineered foods are making Americans obese. These were good clips so sometimes I have to be reminded about RT. They do have some good material, if you want some anti-US stuff. But that anti-US stuff is not concerned with the truth, it is concerned with a pro-Russian position and electorally that is useful in Russia. When you consider that Russia is arming Assad in Syria, and how ordinary people are dying for standing up for the truth, then RT is dangerous if not understood selectively. Media is media, it has its own objectives, and it is so hard to know the truth. Politically I stick with the Democracy Now daily bulletin.

  1. naivelysage says:

    I’ve found RT and Press TV to be valuable sources of information and alternative perspectives. While I recognise that these are funded by their respective states and have a particular bias I appreciate the counterweight they offer with regard to the bias in western mainstream media that we are overwhelmingly exposed to.

  2. zandtao says:

    I have two concerns about RT.

    Firstly they are prepared to produce as news items anything that is anti-Western. Although at the moment I cannot recall specific items, I feel that in the past they have produced reports by left-wing extremists, and as a fervent left-winger myself I would not accredit those extremists as sources. In other words their bias might, I stress might, not have a basis in truth.

    Secondly the kleptocracy in Russia is no better than anything the 1% does – it would not surprise me to know of 1% connections in Russia. Selling weapons to Assad in Syria at the moment is a heinous act. No less undemocratic than anything done by NATO in Libya.

    The problem with putting these concerns together is “do we know enough about what is happening on the ground to know when RT is lying?”

    However the advantage of RT is that they have the money to produce clips I would like to produce like the one I tweeted today about MF Global.

    Truth is the weapon against the 1%, and not supporting people because they are against western mainstream media. Being truthful and anti-mainstream coincide most of the time – but not always.

    I might eventually finish the blogentry, wordpress had a problem with RT embed code, and I didn’t want to figure it out.

  3. zandtao says:

    I had not used Press TV so I had a quick look. The first thing that came up is Assad calling parliamentary elections. BIAS.

    However I enjoy Ahmedinajad’s anti-western rhetoric, it’s such a shame that half the country’s democrats are in exile.

    I’ll stick with Democracy Now, I rarely find fault with what they do.

  4. […] found a dilemma yesterday. When I went to buy my prison pak (organic vegetables from Khao Rakam) I saw some very nice winged beans but didn’t buy them because I wouldn’t eat them. […]

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