Posted: 11/03/2012 by zandtao in ONE planet
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I have finally finished watching Gasland the movie on oil and gas in the US – initially concerned with fracking. There is so much in this movie that describes the unpalatable actions of the corporatocracy, and equally distressing is to see ordinary people suffering because laws are circumvented to enable profits. Karma dictates that the corporate execs should live with these people, their families should drink the water and breathe the chemically-polluted air they have created, but that won’t happen – and of course it shouldn’t. But when you see the extent to which these companies maim fellow citizens it’s a disgrace – and then buy them off with a pittance.

I particularly like this description of corporate strategy by Lisa Bracken:-


This article describes efforts in Europe and elsewhere to stop fracking. The Food and Water report can be downloaded here.

Further Update:-

The Gasland movie clearly upset the fracking business, so there was much disinformation put out (do a search for “Gasland lies”). For me there is no reason to disprove their lies, truth is the truth. The title of this follow-up is called “The Sky is Pink”, if enough scientists say “The Sky is Pink” then do we believe it? Here is a link to download the follow-up:-

The Sky is Pink

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