ABC Green Cronies

Posted: 10/03/2012 by zandtao in ONE planet

When Obama announced his new green strategy when first taking office I felt a surge of hope mixed with a tinge of reality. I wrote this on Green Imperialism. I had hoped that with green investment there would be a change in job focus, and hope for a more balanced ecology – and some hope with avoiding the continuing disaster of climate change. I haven’t followed the progress of these companies closely but it appears they are failing – I don’t undertsand why.

It appears there are some irregularities with the funding and the right-wing are going to town on that. I have no wish to add fuel to that fire as I want to see a green evolution. But when Natural News is reporting green crony capitalism I want to investigate. Now the figures quoted in these greenster payouts do not compare with the vast amounts taken by the bankers, but this does not mean it is acceptable. I have put online a report by ABC News. Now ABC are presenting this because they are anti-Obama, and not for any ecological advancement. It is to be noted that many senatorial quotes are Republican, do those same people stand up against the bankster appropriation of bailout money? But even if there is this bias in the report, and assuming the payouts ABC quote are correct, then this is crony capitalism of a different sort – not Wall Street but Green Street. For ecology to compete in the business sector is hard enough without this type of corruption.

This is a great disappointment for ONE planet.

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