Plans for floods?

Posted: 18/02/2012 by zandtao in ONE planet
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Last year I wrote about Thailand’s floods, a blogentry that has been updated. This week I spoke with someone who follows what the Thailand government has been doing in response to the floods.

Rather insensitively I described the floods last September as a “glitch”. My heart still goes out to the bereaving families but I still consider it a glitch in comparison to what the 1% are doing to the world through war and the global economy. Since those floods there has been COP17 in which the wonderful Anjali “Get It Done” Appudarai spoke – her speech being the only useful thing to come out of the conference. Why was nothing done at the conference? Because the 1% had befuddled the arena by using the Heartland Institute and others to create “climate change denial”.

So what has the Thai government done? Bear in mind that the tax burden is much less here. I was told there is a proposal to build a needed canal from Chao Praya through the Suvarnabhumi marshlands through the Bangna Highway down to the Gulf of Thailand, maybe taking 5 years. What are they doing immediately? Well business is concerned about flood damage to the factories. So the government has given business money to build walls to protect their factories. So what is the plan for where the water goes when it is blocked from a route through factories? It is diverted, where? The roads and the homes of the people. So the factories stay open without workers and no means of transportation. Farcical.

And how is business expressing its gratitude? By relocating factories to Myanmar and Vietnam.

It is a farcical plan, and I can hear Farang voices bemoaning stupid Thais. I suppose next the Thais will say there is no climate change, now that would be stupid – to say there is no climate change. Nobody would be that stupid!!!

No matter what idiocy emerges from Bangkok, it cannot compare with the idiocy of the climate deniers!!

In one of the updates I complimented the foresight of my jangwat for building three canals. Whilst this is sensible I began to discuss the raising water levels of the main river through my town. The river flows from Cambodian mountains, and on both sides of the border has been deforestation. About 60km away up the river there has been gem mining – rubies. As a result there has been much silt built up as the river took away the soil. The river has become more shallow as a result of this soil from the mines, and the level is rising. So quite sensibly there is dredging planned. Dredging? Afraid not. The river will rise, there are three canals but no necessary dredging. I withdraw the compliment.

Until Songkran mid-April is the hot season. Songkran is famous for the throwing of water, a practice few mind because of the rising temperatures of the hot season. There was a storm Friday for most of the afternoon. Last month it rained daily for a week or so, this is rainy season weather. Climate change puts an end to seasons so what will happen to the food? I did ask and got a worrying answer but have forgotten – I will add it later.

Climate change denial makes you want to be angry, but the actions of the addicted are not worthy of anger. Perhaps the actions of the aware who do nothing do merit my anger, what do you think?


Here is an article concerning the Wall Street Journal’s efforts to deny climate change.

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