Coup in the Maldives

Posted: 11/02/2012 by zandtao in Democracy, Insight, ONE planet

Last week President Nasheed was overthrown – so what?

Remember the stunt where a cabinet meeting was held under water. Stupid stunt? What was the purpose? To illustrate what was happening with climate change. Did it have any effect? Nothing demonstrative. Except for one. He was overthrown.

There are always puppets willing to take over, and the nasty puppet in the Maldives is the dictator Nasheed defeated in a democratic election. This man does not want to attack the West during climate conferences, this man does not want to tell the world that climate change is drowning the islands.

The pretence for the military stepping in was that there were street demonstrations, but how many people the interview below says less than 500. what was the cause of the demonstrations. The government was attacking a member of the judiciary. Why was the government attacking? Because this judge was blocking the prosecution of the previous dictator, so the dictator engineers a coup.

And where is the outcry in democratic countries for this democracy being overthrown by a corrupt dictator? No outcry, because the 1% wants him quiet on climate change. Where is the outcry on the left for democracy? None. Why aren’t we defending a man who stepped down to avoid the slaughter of his people? Here is a man who let go the reigns of power to avoid the slaughter of his people and instead of that being a cause celebre, it is rationalised as he must have been because he was not popular the people didn’t fight.

This is not a case where there are doubts in Libya because Qaddafi was a dictator, doubts in Iraq because Saddam was a dictator, doubts in Iran because of the religious oligarchy. No doubts a dictator with corporate impetus is overthrowing the man who stood up against climate change.

Here is the report on Democracy Now (Feb 9):-

Here is a clip giving some history on the Maldives:-

There is a movie about him called The Island President, if I get it ….

  1. Zandtao says:

    […] armed overthrow of a democratic government in the maldives at the beginning of February (discussed here). The reason – too democratic. Bigger reason – this was a democratically-elected […]

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