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My lesson was cancelled yesterday, and I decided to buy some cumin and “the licorice star” Thai herb for polenta. Jum was now safe as there is John around so I went to the restaurant. There was some hyped-up guy there ranting on about a fruit diet, I spoke with him. His diet was his life at the moment, and his ranting was concerning the lymphatic system. As I got through the rant it was clear he had a lot to say, and that last made me feel that I had been complacent. I came home and investigated.

One way of seeing the body is at the cellular level. How do our cells get nutrition? Blood. How are our cells cleaned? The lymphatic system. Put together this system quite obviously is important in a healthy body – cells must be fed and cleaned. Robert Morse is an American healer who focuses on this approach to healing, and this paper explains much more on the importance of the lymphatic sysytem. The lymph system eliminates through the kidneys colon and skin, and he uses iridology to measure how well the body is doing this – interesting.

Practically I need to know whether this lymph system is working for me. The ranter focussed on fruit and veg. To begin my healing I was a on 10 days detox of fruit and veg that I associated with liver detox – it was also lymph cleansing. I did Paul Pitchford’s “Parasite Purge” a few times, that was also helping the lymph system.

For the skin elimination is body scrubbing. Chi Gung for the circulation. Exercise is essential for the lymphs, the blood is pumped by the heart, what pumps the lymph – exercise! And food – fruit and veg.

In the reading it is clear that I need to do the detox diet again for the lymphs – not for the liver as I originally surmised. It helps the liver but I didn’t know about this lymph stuff, this makes it worth doing. Adding flax to meals has to be more of a priority.

One thing I would always like to do is get at more herbs. The herb companion gives a list of 6 herbs and how to use them that will improve the lymph – ah well:-

Echinacea spp
Astragalus membranaceus
Galium aparine
Hydrastis canadensis
Phytolacca americana
Baptisia tinctoria

I liked this article as a summary connected to the Chinese approach.

Thanks to the ranter – good education.

  1. […] less than before. My plan is to finish the 5 treatments, and then do a detox. I remember the Danish ranter talking of the lymphatic system – the endocrine system appears to fit in with that; my usual diet of 3 days fruit and 6 days […]

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