Globalisation and Localisation

Posted: 05/02/2012 by zandtao in Finance, Insight, ONE planet
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Watching “The Economics of Happiness” I became a little angry. The movie clearly points out all that is wrong with what is happening with globalisation and then goes on to promote localisation well, but it fails in an important point for me. Prior to Occupy the terms 1% and 99% were not in common usage, now they are – the film was made before OccupyWallStreet. Fundamental to the concept of 1% is the control of government by the corporations and finance, this appears to be mentioned in passing in the movie. Without grasping this fundamental concept of 1%, we ask pointless questions. Why doesn’t the government regulate the corporations? Why does the government give bailouts? Why does the government subsidise the already wealthy corporations?

Would we ask the question “why do puppets pay homage to their masters?”? Not at all, it is expected. Would we then work for a strategy that asks the puppets to change their masters? Of course not, that is not in the nature of puppet-master relationship. When we seek solutions to the control of the 1% we do not turn to their puppets for answers, politics is not an answer. Do we ignore politics? No, we use it as a limitation process, trying to limit the damage of the 1%, but in no way is politics a solution. The movie showed an occasional politician being supportive but politicians are not the answer, we the community are, people acting, living, buying and selling locally.

One essential that Occupy has brought to our understanding is that our economic transactions are in the hands of, and benefit, the 1% through Wall Street. The 1% strategy is to deregulate internationally calling it “Free Trade” and regulate nationally to force smaller businesses to be co-opted into transationals. Individually we need to counter that by buying local, to counter globalisation we need localisation. And the film goes into this well, even showing a community in Japan that has its own currency; the localisation section of the movie is maybe the best part.

How individually do we spend our money? Is it spent locally? Is the money that we earn taken out of the circulation of the 1% and placed in the circulation of ordinary people – for example with a community currency? These questions are not petty. When I ask myself these questions I fail miserably. My income is now pension, and pensions are completely encompassed within the 1% system. Once I receive my pension, how is my money spent? Fail again. I buy local produce using their currency, sometimes organic, I also have a house full of technical gadgets that are run off the mains and are completely part of the 1% system. I want to change this. Can we all change this? Can we all begin to ask these questions? That will begin the change. Go alternative.

The movie is very good and well worth watching – download here.

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