Korea at war

Posted: 01/01/2012 by zandtao in Media, War

The start of “Korea” is before my time (I was born 1952), but the results of this US anti-communist mayhem still exist today. Rather than listening to comic references towards Kim Jong Il in mainstream media, why not listen to this on Democracy Now – download the show and start listening at 14.28 mins?

The show on December 20

It begins with an academic from South Korea presenting their viewpoint. Then it moves to Christine Ahn, Korea Policy Institute, who points out that this academic perspective is US-dominated, and ignores South Korea as a military state. Finally the Asian Amnesty guy talks about the human rights abuses. He neglects to say that North Korea is on a war-footing in discussing the abuses.

I have no idea as to how tyrannical these North Korean dictators are, but when you are isolated and on a war footing human rights are relegated. The war footing also explains why some North Koreans wept for their leader who had protected them.

Look at the crimes Israel commits in its Middle East isolation, and they are not isolated having western backing. We need a perspective when assessing North Korea and we will never get that from the media.

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