Blue Gold – the next Wars for Profit

Posted: 14/12/2011 by zandtao in Finance, ONE planet, War

Water is a natural resource, and for western people they get treated drinkable water through the tap at a charge. This was originally provided by the state – certainly in the UK, but was privatised cheaply by Thatcher and now UK citizens pay more for their water. UK water is fundamentally local, this is ecologically important.

Now local water has a natural cycle – see the movie Blue Gold, but business is trying to destroy that cycle for profit. Through its bottled water local water is transported away from this natural cycle creating ecological imbalance. Now this is bottled water for the middle-class palate, but the corporatocracy has recognised that the next big profit is taking the water away from the people and charging them. The worst example of this is in Kenya where bottled water is more expensive than coke, is manufactured by CocaCola, and there are no drinkable tap water or filter systems available.

In Bolivia Bechtel tried to take over their water, and the people fought back and won.

Most ominous for me was the presence of the Bush dynasty. Through George Bush’s daughter they have been buying huge amounts of land in the aquafer in the Amazon. the movie suggests that this region of the world could be the next resource war – moving on from the Middle East. How will they create these South Americans as terrorists working against democracy?

Let’s hope that the grass roots movements that have developed in South America this century can be strong enough to fight them off – not likely though.

Addendum 23/1/12

Check this movie Tapped which shows how the transnationals are moving into the US countryside, obtaining permits as they are the 1%, and exploiting these resources without any accountability to the local community. Some people are fighting back for the resources that belong to them, is it a losing battle?

Tapped then showed that a number of the bottled waters were simply filtered tap water, and finally it went into the human and environmental damage that is caused by the plastic bottle-making plants. Where I live the tap water is not drinkable but I filter the water not drink from bottles. What happens to all the plastic bottles that are used here?

I was quite amused to read at the end of the movie “Be a mindful consumer“.

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