Marketing Madness

Posted: 11/12/2011 by zandtao in Big Pharma, Health

I have for a long time been concerned about the designation of acronyms such as ADHD, this movie explains where they have come from. Marketing madness – download here. It began well by equating emotions with concocted names as disorders. Happiness – “deluded enjoyment disorder”, OK I made that one up. But I did not make up shyness as social anxiety disorder, which is worse? The problem is that when they give it a name they also give the patients psychotropic drugs, and they definitely do make you ill – they call it side effects. So they have made you ill to make a profit, now they are going to call you insane to make a profit. Stop believing these people. The movie gives all the details of how much that profit actually is, based on drugs with no proven curation. Marketing madness producing emperor’s new clothes except these drugs make you ill. Absolutely crazy – stop listening to these people.


This movie is available at CCHR, and the CCHR is part of Scientology. In discussing the movie “Making a Killing” in this blog here I learnt of their duplicity. It doesn’t negate what they say, just creates doubt.

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