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This is an excellent movie that brings together so many good strands:-

Download here

There is a website promoting Thrive as a movement – worth a look at. It appears to be bankrolled by Foster Gamble in the family of Proctor and Gamble, making him a whistleblower – good start.

I need to watch the movie again, but to be honest I almost stopped watching at the beginning. If Thrive is a movement for ordinary people, why does it begin with a section on aliens? This will alienate so many people, whatever the truth of this currently unproveable scenario. The discussion in the movie concerning aliens bears no significant relationship to the analysis and practical strategies that deal with the bankers and the control of the 1%.

However (because of his money?) he brings together so many people and so many strands in a coherent picture, for me that is the strength of the movie. What it lacks is a working-class base, a base in the people he is encouraging us to support. It calls for people to act, as if an outsider calling for people to do stuff. Is this his background again? The actions he is asking for are sound, and for that reason he is worth listening to. But in the end genuine democratic solutions come from the direct involvement of working people in directing their own paths to survival and change – not from benefaction. He needs to cross over – is he capable of doing this? Or at least if he doesn’t cross, his message must. Sadly he has censored You-Tubers putting the movie online whilst he asks for a nominal charge.

Whatever do watch it. Having a good budget, the movie presents the arguments well whilst having access to many quality interviewees.

Next Day:-

This movie is worth watching for ideas. Foster Gamble has access to many good people and has put together a movie that has a clear and well-presented analysis (leaving aside the aliens question). Then he comes up with very good suggestions as to the way forward, and I recommend people consider these approaches. But in the end his approach is fundamentally flawed because of the process. What is the process that will lead to these changes?

Now in truth his suggestions do lead towards this process but they do not emphasise the priority of the process; it is not ideas that matter it is the process – this movie is ideas. And the process is the empowerment of people – not getting people to believe ideas that he puts forward. That process is consensus democracy. Towards the end of the movie he tries to draw a balancing act of taking from both liberal democracy and the tradition that is supposed to be republican. In this he misses the point. Whilst in the film he points out that the political process has been bought off, he does not draw the conclusion that the future can only be secured through the empowerment of people – a process of consensus democracy. In his conclusion he claims that his vision is not a utopia, in truth it is if that vision is enacted through benefaction under his terms. For genuine change it would be better for him to take his money to the Occupy encampments, and help them buy into alternative currencies – occupied farms, crafts etc. That is genuine change – consensus democracy outside the control of the 1% he is blowing the whistle on.

Addendum 15 Jan 2012

I have just unsubscribed from Thrive mailing. They are offering a Thrive diploma for $2300. If they were genuine with the money he has access to, why is he charging? Watch the movie, there is much truth in it, but this is wrong.

  1. Gavin Sealey says:

    Thanks for the post. Good movie though challenging to my attention span. The website is useful also. The movie may not be not freely available on the web it’s sources are and I was googling the various contributors throughout the movie. Thrive is a good ‘connector’ bringing together a number of strands of thought and weaving a fairly coherent picture.

    • zandtao says:

      The comments on the website point to the cost issue which I empathise with. I always put movie links up.

      Yes, I liked the way he was able to make connections, no doubt due to the financial background. At least he doesn’t rant and rave like Alex Jones when he says the same things. Neither seem that bothered about direct democracy/consensus democracy.

  2. […] my earlier blog on Thrive I liked the message, but felt there was a commercialism – not a free distribution. Then there […]

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