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Posted: 27/10/2011 by zandtao in Finance, Struggle
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Here is another glimpse from Argentina about the resilience of people – lost the clip –
…. to see how the crisis developed. Did Carlos Menem do anything different to what is happening in your country – even the US? Perhaps the only difference was that he embracedthe policies wholeheartedly so that IMF said the Argentinian model was to be aspired to – quoted in the film The Take – download here. What was the Argentinian government’s response when their currency got hit by the 1% – they closed the banks. People could not get their own money – their life savings, the film shows the image of armed carriers taking the cash out of the country as Menem had removed all regulations. Money Argentinians had worked for all their lives they could not get because the rich wanted to take theirs.

People tried to rebuild their lives by building cooperatives but the government tried to block that. But as can be seen from the same movie The Take, the people persevered and were able to make a living. The owners owed wages, did not pay the people, legally they were entitled to the factory by forfeit yet still the legal system made it hard for them. The film ended with the people running the factory as a cooperative but I am now unsure what has happened to those cooperatives as the state had nit changed and was in the pockets of the owners.

But here is another survival strategy that has a good chance of success and longevity – bartering:-

These people are working in markets where they are bartering skills and goods, and most importantly they created a new money creditos. This money was originally intended only to be used for trading within these barter markets, but they have become such a valuable means of trading that people accept creditos outside the barter market system.

Occupy, your democracy has led you to credit unions and cooperatives but whilst you continue to trade using Rockefeller’s currency your money will grow to be meaningless. As the financial crisis deepens Rockefeller’s 1% will print more money so that it will appear that they still have their wealth. And when you want to spend your money it might not be there. They want you to work for them all your lives, and maybe when you come to spend your pension it won’t be there, and you will be too old to earn more. What can happen then?

It is this normal life they are taking away from us. We want to be secure that we have worked all our lives, and that we can die in peace having saved our pensions. They are taking that away from us – ask the Greeks.

Occupy, use your youthful vigour to establish a global community with your own currency #O.

Out of the Latin American issues has come a film Beyond Elections let’s see where that goes.

Addendum 14/12/11

The Greeks have already started on the barter:-

and a good idea for skillsets – time banking. Hope to hear more of this.

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