The Real Occupy

Posted: 19/10/2011 by zandtao in Democracy, Insight, Struggle
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This is not to be promoted at #OWS because it is quite sad, OCCUPY cannot fix the system. I found myself yesterday saying stuff like “hopefully something will come out of it”. The truth is nothing politically can come out of it, the 1% are too powerful. But OCCUPY is a process of awareness, and that is why it is life and why I support OCCUPY so much.

Let’s start with partisan politics. I always used to support the Labour party, and in retrospect at the time it was appropriate. What was my rationale at the time – late 80’s early 90’s – pre-Blair? It was an attempt to move the agenda leftwards in a compassionate direction. Now that failed miserably as the Labour party was always pre-occupied with gaining power, and it was ripe for the picking. Along came Blair plucking, he allowed the Right Wing to shoot themselves in the foot over Europe, he smiled and got into power. Then he took the UK to war, and the UK people have the stain of the deaths of more than a million Iraqis on their karma. The UK has now become a surveillance state thanks to Tony – and he has his reward, and with its electoral knee-jerk to Cameron the people are going to pay with austerity measures. But the austerity measures cannot work as can be seen in Greece, all they do is increase the accumulation of wealth to the 1%. This is one awareness of OCCUPY, the awareness that the prevailing partisan politics is so far from being democratic that there is very little point in trying to work within it. It is an electoral system that works in the interests of the 1%, OCCUPY knows this. Once OCCUPY fails, awareness takes us beyond the system to say that our efforts are futile within the poitical system as it stands, and start to look elsewhere. This is mindfulness and supporting activities akin to Mindful Consumer Network is a result of OCCUPY. (ZNote – Mindful Consumer Network is my term and is not a term for a movement, it is a principle that many people are already following in one way or another. I will continue to use the term because it is a good description but be aware it is not an actual network or movement.) Hopefully a whole generation of activists will realise that the system they have grown up in is so broken and so hijacked that this is how they will live their lives in relation to it. We all have to try and work, we need money unless we live off the grid – I couldn’t live like that. But when we find that OCCUPY cannot win we learn that happiness can come in different ways – the Path. This is why OCCUPY is life, it is the Path.

Just a quick note on Alex Jones as I have now sussed him. He is Republican partisan politics, an extreme but his essence is Republican and Ron Paul. Firstly he described OCCUPY as anti-globalisation and Infowars put out a confusing position accordingly. When OCCUPY proved its worth he wanted to get involved, and he started to politicise within it. OCCUPYTHAILAND is a facebook page that is typical of Alex Jones’ approach of taking over and not allowing contribution. OCCUPY THAILAND is about End the Fed and Ron Paul, but this is not OCCUPY. It is partisan politics. Initially I thought Alex Jones was just a divisive pain who has some things sussed, now I realise it is far more insidious than that. The 1% infiltrate the people who know the truth through Alex Jones. Few people actually realise what is happening with these filthy rich bankers etc. Once people begin to realise the core of corporatocracy, where do they head for? Alex Jones. Suddenly people start talking about Illuminati, then there is David Icke – Illuminati and aliens. More and more energies get diverted away from the true reality that there is only one hope for humanity, on a social level mindful consuming, a method of consuming that can lead to a Path of Love and Happiness. Alex Jones, through all the money his sponsorship has given him, has produced all these movies and has regular followings. He attacks anti-globalisation movements – a sure sign his heart is not in the right place. He attacks hippies, why? Hippies hurt no-one and get on with their own thing – often in their own way – maybe even off the grid. This is mindful and hurts no-one except those that want us to work for them – to be wage-slaves. Alex Jones is always Republican so people who like what he says are maybe inclined to vote Republican – a vote for Republican is a vote in the right direction? OK it’s not Ron Paul but it is his party. Aaaggh! Such a trap. Partisan politics is not the answer but even if you participate in partisan politics voting Republican?

OCCUPY is more than being against partisan politics. It importantly connects partisan politics with the 1% as does the movie “Lifting the Veil”. But it shows far more. Using the words of this blog it shows the functioning of the corporatocracy. People delude themselves that there are civil rights. We have the right to demonstrate. Rubbish. OCCUPY wanted to start at CHASE plaza. Knowing this J P Morgan gave a $4.6 million donation to the police, #OWS went to Zuccotti park – now Liberty Plaza. Demonstrators were maced – the police have the right to mace law-abiding citizens. The police led the demonstration onto Brooklyn Bridge and 700 were arrested. The US police state is so clearly a part of the 1% – even though the police themselves are wage-slaves. This is all about the awareness that OCCUPY brings. We want awareness, we want to see the world for the way it is. We want the insight that comes from seeing the world the way it is, and OCCUPY is the process that will bring us there.

OCCUPY is a wonderful movement. These young people have taught us how to organise in the twenty-first century – consensus democracy.

Trade Unions, does the Labour Party still have your subs? Do the Democrats? Let go of partisan politics, your money is being used – it is part of the accumulation by the 1%. If you want to organise you must organise in your workplace and OCCUPY. You don’t want a representative. OCCUPY. Fix your school – OCCUPY. Fix your hospital – OCCUPY. Forget the old structures they are only paying the 1%. OCCUPY is awareness to withdraw as much as you can. If you want a home can you build it? Can you get land and build for yourself? Can local people build? Can you avoid a mortgage? If not make it a smallermortgage. A mortgage is a trap of the 1%, after all it is our Earth we have the right to live here without having to pay for that right. Can we work without paying taxes? They argue taxation is to provide social amenities, maybe they do but the real purpose of the taxation is to pay for the defence industry that profits the 1% and the infrastructure that the 1% needs to get their goods to market. And the schools and hospitals that the 1% are now starting to own, that is what our taxes for. Minimise your taxation. Buy healthy organic food from local farmers, then you won’t need the hospitals. Barter, don’t spend money. OCCUPY brings the insight and awareness of mindful consuming. The aim of OCCUPY is not bringing down the system, it is not even fixing the system – it cannot, it is a process of awareness that will lead to mindfulness. OCCUPY!!!!

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