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Posted: 17/10/2011 by zandtao in Democracy

This is a little bit about Russia. I started it because of a beach bum, and should have left it there, his delusions belong in his head and shouldn’t be wasting breath. Russia – Putin is the result of the people wanting democracy??? My only point of contact is that he is anti-imperialist, but he is then ignorant completely. There is clearly some kind of historical alliance between Russia and the Arab dictatorships being perpetuated by the Russian kleptocracy, perhaps for trade reasons. Who owns Russia’s money? He says state. The only element of truth in that might be that the politicians themselves might well be Russia’s corporatocracy but I am never going to know that. Is Russia just the means for wealthy politicians to get richer? Is that the meaning of kleptocracy?

It is very clear to me that Russia cannot possibly claim the term democracy for its election process. They ban parties ..

On June 22nd, just after Dmitry Medvedev, Russia’s president, had (again) urged more political competition, the authorities barred the liberal opposition Party of People’s Freedom, led by Mikhail Kasyanov, a former prime minister, and Boris Nemtsov, a former deputy prime minister, from taking part in a parliamentary election in December.

.. and accept parties promoting the interests of one person:-

the Kremlin embraced Mikhail Prokhorov, a billionaire oligarch and a friend of Mr Nemtsov, as the new leader of Right Cause, another liberal party, but one approved by the authorities.

Here is how The Economist describes the elections:-

The outcome of both sets of elections is predetermined, as Russian voters know well. (More than half tell pollsters they believe the elections will be dirty.) The Kremlin’s United Russia party, whose only purpose is to keep the incumbent bureaucracy in power, will probably get at least 60% of the vote in December’s parliamentary election, giving Vladimir Putin, its leader, a power base, whether or not he decides to stay as prime minister or to return to the Kremlin next March.

In the absence of genuine politics the main job of the Kremlin’s spin-doctors is to imitate it in order to stop the crowd from getting so bored that they ignore elections altogether. Parties are engineered for all tastes: nationalist, liberal, communist (nationalism sells best). The Kremlin’s cynical stage managers run the show with utter contempt for their audience. Although mostly concealed from view, they occasionally peep out to make sure that the actors are sticking to the script.

The nearest description I have come up with is in The Economist. Now The Economist is a business mag. Its analyses are based around how best can business be conducted. You read The Economist so that you know the lie of the land for your negotiations. It has no moral standpoint, it just says here is how you manipulate the politicfs so that you can conduct business and make a profit – it is a fundamentally compassionate-bankrupt capitalist tool. Here is how they compare Ukraine to Russia:-

Mr Yanukovych has crossed a line separating the chaotic and corrupt but pluralist country that Ukraine was from the Putin-style kleptocracy it is becoming.

Quoted from here, “Nemtsov says once in power, Putin was able to capitalize on most Russians’ belief that democracy means chaos, which enabled political clans in the Kremlin to retake control of the economy. Opposition leader Yavlinsky says the new system reminds him of the Soviet state-planning agency, Gosplan.

Once again, what goes on behind the Kremlin’s crenellated brick walls is a mystery to everyone outside them. Some believe that is part of a traditional political culture in Russia, which is highly effective at creating just enough fear — and distributing just enough prosperity — to keep itself in place. Most believe as long as high energy prices continue sustaining that system, things won’t change any time soon.” If Russian people choose to accept a kleptocracy over democracy, that is their choice, just as it is the choice of the West to accept corporatocracy or not, but neither can claim to be democratic – caring for the people.

Here is some genuine information about Russia , and here is what happens to journalists in a democracy. I have enough of trying to counter a person who hides from the truth and claims that he forms his own opinions without reading. Kleptocracy is enough, the rest is his delusion.

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