Steve Jobs

Posted: 12/10/2011 by zandtao in Insight

Sadly Steve Jobs has suffered with cancer for a while, and has just died from it. The following is definitely not appropriate and my apologies to Steve Jobs’ family who must have gone through his suffering as well if they ever read this. What I want to write about I haven’t read from his family so at least I am not adding to their grief in this way. There are people applauding Steve Jobs because he has meditated. As a meditator I must applaud his use of meditation, but propriety prevents me from commenting further.

Steve Jobs was CEO of a computer company. Many people side with him because he was often contrasted with the appalling business practices of Microsoft – and Bill Gates, who has lived off his cred as a university dropout, is one of the leading promoters of the corporatocracy through his foundation.

Is Steve Jobs different? Do the following bad practices of Apple reflect on Steve Jobs? Well here is an obituary from the Pentagon Channel thanking him for Apple’s contributions to the military:-

At the same time here is an article about Apple’s connections with dubious employment practices in the East. I would expect the CEO of any company to sell to the military if they could and take advantage of cheap labour where possible, this is never defensible but it is the way of the corporatocracy. Apple was no different.

Brad Warner is someone I would usually support because he exposes institutional issues within Buddhism. But on occasions his insight into the world of politics is limiting. This blog entry is one of those lacking in insight. Meditation brings compassion that needs to lead to mindfulness (not a word he likes). Is it mindful to accept the way business exploits? Is the mind engaged with insight if it doesn’t seek a political understanding of the way society can lack compassion? In this day and age, don’t the excesses of the corporatocracy force engaged mindful people to choose a side?

  1. vishvarupa says:

    I agree with you about Brad Warner haha. It is interesting that Steve Jobs says his products reflect Zen, yet there’s this whole dark side to their products.

  2. […] think of them. One of my mature students told me how good Steve Jobs was – I have already discussed him here. Apple and Steve Jobs are part of the 1%, as are many of the companies in the top 100 […]

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