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Posted: 12/10/2011 by zandtao in Struggle
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Yesterday I posted about, what I believe is a plant organisation; the giveaway was they wanted leaders – apart from the moneyed website design. Today I thought I heard there was an organisation that was calling for all OCCUPY groups to nominate a representative for a central OCCUPY committee, and that impression made me write this blog. I have been unable to substantiate that impression but the sentiments expressed in the blog are worthwhile. I am therefore calling the organisation by a fictitious name –

It is clear that these people,, had put a lot of hard work into building within the movement, thank you. But these people are old guard like me. have their old way of organising. represent, are figure-heads, are spokespeople and so on

I heard a snippet today, it wasn’t major but it rang bells – deep clangers. were hoping to call all representatives of all the OCCUPYes all over the US together in an organising committee. are not OCCUPY. These are representative schemes. This is trade unionism. This is political representation. want to negotiate with the banks and Obama. OCCUPY are building a movement that is saying it in a different way – different to

Don’t make it easy for the banks and their stooges of negotiation. Why did they create They want representation. Look at them now. Bloomberg now says OCCUPY can stay as long as they want. He did not say that weeks ago. Obama sympathises with the sentiment, he did not say that before. Clearly the Democrat backroom boys have determined there are votes to be gained in being sympathetic to OCCUPY – be sympathetic but don’t do anything; I suspect they are right. If in the minds of the public the Democrats and OCCUPY are seen as similar, it could change the election result next year. If you have any doubts that Obama and #OWS are at loggerheads read this Glenn Greenwald article. However truth and public perception are rarely the same, the corporatocratic media see to that.

OCCUPY has done something, and they are having an impact. The corporatocracy wants it to stop. How do they stop it? They don’t want to be fair, they want to stop it. Negotiating they give away as little as possible, because it is never negotiation between equals. If they don’t negotiate they have to find a way of winning public opinion – OCCUPYers and the remaining people. Now everyone is saying Obama you, the rich and the corporatocracy are the same, the veil has been lifted – see movie lifting the veil. OCCUPY are not loonies, they are people, they are popular, they are saying what people think. While OCCUPY are there the corporatocracy are losing, they want them out. How do they get them out? They have to do something. What? If someone negotiates they can say we have done something. If there is no negotiation, they will keep having to do something. Tax the rich. 10%. OCCUPY stays. 20% OCCUPY stays. More? Who knows? Put a cap on campaign contributions, 50% 40% …. no business contributions. The longer OCCUPY stays, they don’t know what to do.

Here are two commentators on Democracy Now (10 October) who have got a handle on it. Non-authoritarian, no leadership:-

Keep the progressive groups out.

OCCUPY, don’t negotiate. No representatives.

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