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Posted: 10/10/2011 by zandtao in Education, ONE planet, Struggle
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I woke up this morning and realised that OCCUPY is life, this is ONE planet fighting back against the corporatocracy. Life knows that the old structures are outmoded and is showing us through these young people that life is fighting back. It is as if these young people instinctively know what is the right way to do it. Throughout the corporatocracy’s speech organ, the media are decrying these people. What do you want? What are your demands? Where are your leaders? And here is OCCUPY’s response:-

Where are the demands? Nowhere, because the corporatocracy cannot respond. They are the problem. The corporations, the banks, the puppet governments, they are the problems. And the solution is no corporations, no banks, no puppet governments, they can’t agree to that. So there is a stand-off, and OCCUPY grows.

And what about the workers? Their structures are finished. Forget representation, representation is finished. If workers have a grievance – OCCUPY, no negotiation, no demands – OCCUPY. There are no cosy discussions about the division of the marginal profits. Previously workers may have had power, at least they had enough that negotiations gave them some improvement. But now in the West there is no cosy division, management says accept our terms or we move the plant to the Third World. The Labour movement can’t negotiate with them now, the Labour movement has no power. But the mass movement has power – OCCUPY.

And what happened whilst the Labour movement was negotiating. The workers maybe got an increase but the corporatocracy increased its control. After the Second World War whilst the Labour movement negotiated its wage increases the corporatocracy went to war. Workers in the factories that benefitted from war profits got their job security and their homes as did their middle management – and the corporatocracy got their cake, their zeros. There is no choice – OCCUPY.

My teachers (where I was rep), you were weak people. You let one beta-blocked fool ruin your life because you wouldn’t stand up. You were nice people but you never stood up and OCCUPYed. Look at what they are doing to education whilst you stand by and cling to your mortgages, and I still hear the same bleeting. What are the unions doing? And yet you claim you care for children. Look at your children. What were they becoming? Educated? All the while I was rep we were educating Thatchers’ children, we created them. We never had any control of the education system. What limited control teachers had was taken away in the 80s as we sat back and let representatives sacrifice themselves. Throughout that time activists with good hearts or political agendas took on union rep positions. Maybe they did some good in schools with decent heads but when you had a fool like at my school, he just called the bluff and did what he wanted. What did the teachers do? They left it to the rep, and made their careers. I remember in the 80s the Baker act changed the pay structure. As a result it was up to the heads how they awarded point allocations. Previous departmental structures with points awarded for responsibilities, deputy head and so on, got thrown in the mix. At my school this bully said “write your own job description” and this is what union members did. They capitulated and wrote job descriptions. Greed – their mortgages. Meanwhile they signed letters saying the beta-blocked was a fool. And the other fool took the letter to him.

Nationally the government was destroying the education service. Through monetarism Thatcher told us she was going to destroy state education and she continued to do that. Time after time letters came down from the ministry, and time after time careerist after careerist took advantage of the positions associated with the destruction of education, instead of ostracising these people members just looked for ways they could join the gravy train and get out of the classroom. For a time teachers benefitted through the 90s as they were given danger money to keep the kids off the streets but now more and more schools are being privatised and teachers will have to stand up. It is no good sending in the reps, and reps it is no good taking the positions you will only get used. Teachers will have to OCCUPY.

Teachers, don’t buy those big houses. Don’t get the largest mortgage your combined salary can get because soon you will have to stand up and you will not be able to rely on those salaries. As all these foundations in the guise of religion or whatever move in and privatise your schools, you will have less and less say. You will have to do more work, there will be job losses. And if you stand up maybe they will sack the lot. But they can’t do that if teachers stand up and OCCUPY together. You cannot be weak now. This is what the corporatocracy does. It uses good people. The sweet young girls who come out of the education colleges and devote their lives to their primary classrooms focussing on the kids whilst careerists climb on their backs and push them around. Your time has ended – maybe it has already. You need to fight for your vocation now.

Look at what the strikes were about. Education standards had been falling since I started work 1976. But they took a major downturn in 1979. But how did the union respond? There were attempts to negotiate better conditions of service but industrial action only happened over money. What does that say about teachers? Why wasn’t the action about improving education by gaining proper conditions of service? A teachers’ charter for better education.

Well now that schools are being privatised you will have to stand up. Find your way of OCCUPYing and say enough is enough – we want education and let them sort it out. In the US the Principals are trained by big business – BROAD foundation and the rest. You know what that is about. Stand up to them, refuse to work for those guys. A Principal should be a teacher first, not a tool of the corporatocracy. Stand up and OCCUPY.

OCCUPY is not about old forms of negotiation, that doesn’t work. OCCUPY is saying in all walks of life we have had enough. We behave subordinately, we do your dirty work so that we can have our homes, and now you take away our homes. That is enough. We stand up and OCCUPY, you prove we should do your jobs again.

In Argentina following the financial crash workers’ cooperatives developed and functioned fine. There were no bosses, they were not needed. Bosses are not needed. Sadly many of those cooperatives are now having difficulty as the plant-owners who fled the crash are now returning for their spoils, but they were not needed. OCCUPY.

The Labour movement is dead, long live the mass movement.


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