MI5 whistleblower

Posted: 10/10/2011 by zandtao in Struggle

Annie Machon worked for MI5 and then resigned to become a whistleblower. In this programme in Canada Annie Machon discusses what happened to her and why she decided to blow the whistle.

Despite my political emphasis her revelations were quite astounding, and as with most whistleblowers she is sound and presentable. There is no point in my trying to summarise what she says as there is so much content. But her call to activism is quite interesting:-

Study 9/11 for yourself and see if you can make sense of it.

At the end of that study, would you still believe your government?

This second clip starts with her at Totnes Truth festival and goes a bit more into her sound political position.

Here is a more general interview with her on the Real News Network – added 2/11/12.

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