War Made Easy

Posted: 09/10/2011 by zandtao in Media, War

An older movie that describes the US rhetoric of war, War Made Easy (download here) does not go into the role of the corporatocracy, it just shows the repetition of lies and sophistry – democracy freedom and so on – that has been the history of war justification since the Second World War. America goes to war screaming “we want peace”.

This approach was similarly exposed by Pilger in the “The War you don’t see” discussed in my old blog here (with download link).

Mind you now maybe peace is not what they are defending, maybe that has changed? America goes to war wanting security, NATO uses drones for security?

Whatever, when you see such historical repetitions you have to think about their veracity. Once. maybe that is true, a second time – possibly, but repeatedly over such a long period of time – policy.

And the policy fill the coffers of the MIC – the corporatocracy

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