UK Banks

Posted: 08/10/2011 by zandtao in Democracy, Finance, Struggle
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This is a “Dispatches” documentary on how the banks screw the UK.

Download from:-


The documentary fudges corporatocratic control describing this control as a cosy relationship between government and the City – called the revolving door. For me this just means politicians are given perks by the banks when their parliamentary life is over, and bankers are fed into government whenever they need policy sured up. Not dissimilar to the perks poor Tony got for taking the country to war – not as much of course.

How do you counter this? This cosing-up has been going on for years as have been the exposes. But there is no political will to resolve the problem, and meanwhile taxpayers have suffered. At the beginning of the programme it shows you how bailout money has just gone into the pockets of these greedy people whilst ordinary people live on the streets losing houses etc. Perhaps one of the biggest growth industries is for people making exposes – a bit cynical?

Change your political approach. Exposing these people as crooks does not work, there is no change. Make change happen another way.

OCCUPY and tell them we have had enough.

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