A Changing Democracy

Posted: 05/10/2011 by zandtao in Democracy, Struggle
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Have a read of this blog from one activist, Yotam (link gone), I could have imagined in my day that this would be me:-

“I saw too many young white college kids and not enough grassroots organizers from New York, not enough of those communities hardest hit by neoliberalism and austerity. I was pushed away by some of the cultural norms being adopted and found myself at odds with the lack of demands, not to mention the sometimes over-emphasis on process.”

“Now, to be clear, I have always been a strong proponent of clear demands – because they help define our struggle, point the way to actions we want to take, give us tools for measurement, communicate with people outside of the occupation, and represent those busy struggling elsewhere.”

Clear demands lead to division. Without realising, activists’ movements in the past have called for CND so the Peace groups join those, then we need development so Oxfam groups join, then we have the need to fight in the workplace so comrades join together in trade unionism, health nuts recognise that the corporatocracy are poisoning our foods so they fight their own campaigns. But the struggle is all one – fight the corporatocracy; Occupy Wall St.

As a trade unionist I often lamented why people didn’t join in the movement of their class, and felt it was a lack of education on their part to recognise the nature of their class – and to be quite frank I still do. But I was telling them to fit in with my view of the struggle. From what I have picked up and what the writer, Yotam above, has said, from what I picked up on Democracy Now 3 Oct:-

– and elsewhere, this Occupy is about process and coming together, not demands, not previous failed formats of struggle.

So Yotam (Good article) get frustrated – just like I would have. Get angry as I would have, but hang in there. There is a change in democracy, there is horizontalidad.


And Deepak Chopra was there:-

– would he have joined an old guard movement demo?


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