Occupy – do we want this?

Posted: 03/10/2011 by zandtao in Finance, ONE planet, Struggle
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I have been following Occupy and feel that is a breath of fresh air. Quite clearly it is going to take time for the power of grass roots democracy to take effect. There are the sinister forces of the corporatocracy that all who support Occupy want to change, but there is another sinister side – one Anonymous, listen to this:-

Do we want what this guy wants? Personally it wouldn’t worry me too much, but most people and that is who I care about they don’t want this. It is time for the voices of common sense to stand up. Government stop being bought off. Fight off your paymasters and grow a pair. Bankers your greed is unwarranted, it is time to give some of it back. I would like that you relinquish power but I know you won’t but isn’t it time you give some back? Let people think they have won, let people think they have some power, give them the vestiges of power. No-one wants sci-fi scenarios of social breakdown that Anonymous presages.

Corporatocracy, you guys are good at brinkmanship. It is time now to act wisely, give some back, so that the world can start to function. No blatant profiteering on war, cut out the drones – they are so sick, pay taxes like the rest of us, and forget the huge bank accounts – they are meaningless if society has broken down.

People, let’s keep on Occupying but be careful of what breakdown we wish for.

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