More Occupy – Rallying Call

Posted: 02/10/2011 by zandtao in Democracy, Finance, Struggle
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700 arrested on peaceful march across the bridge:-

Why were they arrested?

Because they were on the roadway?

Watch this clip. At the beginning the police led them there:-

And the demonstrators were they aggressive? Were they the appalling factions on 80s demos? No. These people were peaceful, they were arrested calmly – and hopefully back tomorrow.

Democracy Now on 30 Sept went to talk with the demonstrators:-

There was organisation – not old guard but their way, good for them. I think I’d hate it. Circular arguments etc. But their way.

Keep on Occupying. Please, keep on occupying.

Where I am the weekend is over, but it still doesn’t stop me wanting to make a rallying call. This Occupy movement clearly has wings. Michael Moore on Democracy Now 28 Sept said that the American people, unlike previous protests were already behind Occupy. That makes sense to me.

2 pennies from Mark Ruffalo – actor

Obviously the police tactics are frightening but is it time for families to get out there? What impressed me in the second of the above clips is how peaceful the demonstrators were. There is no party discipline, the old guard have not lectured about discipline somehow this mixture simply know there is a need for discipline. Perhaps the macing has taught them that there is significant powers in the police hierarchy who are acting on behalf of their J P Morgan paymasters.

Where are the trade unions? Why aren’t more branches there? What about the CP? The socialist splitters? Alex Jones (I did see an banner)? Now I read this stuff, the guy is just divisive. A movement paid for by the “globalists” (whatever that means) with that police aggression?

The real point about a rallying call like this is for all people to realise that it is in their interest to Occupy. Peace movement – your enemy is the corporatocracy. Grass roots development – your enemy is the corporatocracy. The environment – your enemy is the corporatocracy. Health foods – your enemy is the corporatocracy. ONE planet – your enemy is the corporatocracy. Religions – the enemy of morality is the corporatocracy. Whatever progressive movement there is in the world is being blocked by the corporatocracy. Get out there and tell the enemy that you have had enough. In time they will have to respond not with police tactics but with some effort of token negotiation. But respond they must.

For once I feel hopeful about the young in the West, please keep going.

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