Is there a magic solution?

Posted: 02/10/2011 by zandtao in Big Food, Big Pharma, Finance, Freedom, Insight, ONE planet, Struggle
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Basically, no.

What is the basic solution? Unity – ONEness – ONE planet. Let us examine the version of the lack of unity that is our current condition. We have the corporatocracy, a small group of families and CEOs who manipulate the world, primarily through pulling the strings behind NATO countries. These are particularly unscrupulous people, and in the case of the banking families this has been the case for generations. What have they done, this corporatocracy? They have accumulated. In terms of power they have accumulated, in terms of money they have accumulated, in terms of energy they have accumulated. And where have they accumulated from? Primarily, you and me and from the planet.

In terms of political power we need to be responsible for our own actions, this is our personal power. We need to choose, not from their options; we choose for ourselves. Then we are free. Once we choose from what they offer, we have lost our freedom. How do we begin to lose our choice? It starts with money, we need money to buy what we need to live. So the first choice they give us at school is “what career do we choose?” I choose to help the poor – no such job, I want to care for my family – no such job. I want to have meaningful impact on world hunger – no such job. The first freedom that they take away from us is the freedom to help each other – compassion. So we are forced to choose from the jobs the corporatocracy offers – this is the second freedom we lose. Gradually they work away at our choices until in the end we make few choices, these choices are made from their options, we lose our freedom, and we give away our power, power that is accumulated by the corporatocracy.

Once they have made us their wage slaves, that brings us to the second power they accumulate – money. They want our money. To begin with the land was ours and we built our homes on this land – ONE planet. Now we have to borrow huge amounts of money to buy land and build on it. Once we borrow money the bankers make a profit. Instead of earning money for ourselves we earn money that goes mainly to the bankers. We tell ourselves that we are paying for our homes, but this planet is ours – is WE so why are we paying for what is our birthright a home on the ONE planet? The next is food. You might say BigFood provides us with food for our money. But do they provide healthy food? NO. They provide food with preservatives because that is how they make profits – through mass production of preserved food. What happens if you choose to buy healthy food? It becomes difficult. Where do you buy it? Can you buy food without toxins (from fertilisers) in? With great difficulty. So most people buy food that creates disease for them and their families. And then they have to pay huge medical bills to BigPharma. Do you have the freedom to eat well? Few do. And for the rest of your earnings, there is advertising that says paying for escapism is socially acceptable, advertising that says it is essential to have the latest gadget – that our friends have, do we choose? No, they have accumulated our money.

And what of your personal energy? Where does that go? It is taken away from you at work, and by the time you get home you have little energy left for your family. And you definitely have no energy left to fight the corporatocracy. All the energy is taken in the service of the corporatocracy. The corporatocracy have accumulated your power, money and energy.

To know this is the first step. Once this is known we can begin to look at our lives and take back what is ours – our power, our money and our energy – our lives. And we do this by making our own choices, and not the choices they want us to make from their options. The first choice is how we use our money. If we choose healthy eating we buy local, these are not the farms of BigFood. Once we eat healthily we pay little for medicine – less goes to BigPharma. If we do not collude with consumerism we spend less – we have more money. If we choose to live in smaller accommodation we have less mortgage debt, and again we have more money, but to buy what? If we consume less we know we need less – the advertising doesn’t work. If we need less money we don’t have to spend our time at work, we can choose free time – our time our choice. Freedom. Freedom is our decision based on our choosing for ourselves and not what they choose.

Once we choose for ourselves their magic doesn’t work on us, we have control. There is no magic solution, the spell they have us under is because they have taken our freedom, our choice. Once we take back our freedom, there is no spell. What can break the spell that binds us to work and consumerism? Awareness. If we are aware that the corporatocracy has taken our power and that we can choose to take it back, the spell is broken and no magic is needed, just the power of the insightful mind. Can we conjure up a magic trick that will break us all free of this spell? No there is no easy solution. If people don’t break the spell for themselves then they have not achieved freedom, no-one else can do your work for you. And there is no complete Unity until we are all free, free to choose.

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