Bilderbergers – Behind Closed Doors

Posted: 25/09/2011 by zandtao in Finance, Insight, Struggle
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I found this 80’s book by Robert Eringer on the net about the Bilderbergers, and there was a section on the minutes. Now for conspiracy nuts minutes of such a high-powered meeting might give indications as to the way these powerful manipulators were moving, I got nothing. It started me thinking about conference.

Now I have not attended anything powerful in conferences, only trade unions, and I am going to talk about the executive and the conference. Let me begin with the local Trades Council Executive. As secretary I received all the mail, so in preparation for the Executive I prepared an agenda which included the minutes and matters arising, ongoing campaigns, speakers, important items in the mail, and a list of all the mailing. This was a lot of work. At the end of this work the Executive made decisions on the agenda, and I prepared the agenda for the actual trades council meeting. At the meeting people would stand up and make speeches about the items, decisions would be made, and the process would happen the next month. At the meeting the decisions were made so it was democratic but the groundwork was done in the Executive, and the Executive was guided by the Secretary. The position of Secretary held the power for manipulation, but in an organisation like Trades Council no-one was bothered – it had no power.

Now conference had excitement about it, I enjoyed conference – especially the first time. I am going to talk about the NUT this time. Now I ran the local association – a bit of a give away – I was secretary of a small local association. It had no executive, no-one was interested so I prepared everything for the meeting. But other associations prepared for conference. Motions were sent nationally from the associations, and if your motion was accepted then your association spoke to, and seconded the motion. Now the work on these motions was done elsewhere. Teachers were intellectuals so there were many Trot groups amongst teachers telling the mass movement how they should behave. In teaching the strongest was the Socialist Workers’ Party, and for conference the SWP had a field day. The SWP teachers would prepare the motions, and plan which associations they would get to pass the motions to be sent to conference. The work was for conference but it was done beforehand.

As I have said conference was exciting especially the first time. I remember listening to the National Executive speaking at conference. Their keynote addresses were interesting, and then I discovered they were smoke without fire. Their visions for the union and education had no teeth because there was no action behind what they said. These were postholders, some full-time, they were concerned with job protection. At the same time they had full-time officials backing them up. Now these full-time officials were important to the union because they dealt with legal cases and represented members against the heuristic actions of incompetent careerist headteachers. I suspect full-time officials guided the National Executive side of conference. So the stage is set. National Executive vs SWP. And conference was about whether the SWP could win any motions to maybe get the National Executive to do something. This is not democracy. It is better democracy than the electoral democracies these conferences took place in, but because the members were inactive and allowed so much power to go to representatives it was a sham.

But around conference there was excitement as well. You met friends, new and old, and you cemented alliances. Within conference you had meetings about issues, and you met like-minded people who discussed those issues. You developed alliances about how to make those issues work. You planned campaigns that would lead to working with the associations next year leading up to conference next year – and so on. So whilst conference itself had its agenda, the more powerful aspects of conference were issue-based meetings and campaigning.

This is a description of mechanisms of union conference so what has this got to do with Bilderberg. Here is how I envisage Bilderberg. There will be a keynote address, maybe by Rockefeller. This keynote address might set the tone or direction of the conference but is not that significant. The speech will have been prepared by the steering committee, and the steering committee will have decided on conference members. To be a member you will need the following requirements. Bilderberg is money and power, so if you are from the transnationals then you have to be willing to pay the politicians to use their power, and the politicians who attend have to be willing to wear a “For Sale” sign. There will be issue groups and interested parties will discuss the direction of these issue groups, and contacts will have been made. When Tony Blair was encouraged to take the UK to war in Iraq, the defence industries would have provided the direction and discussed the technologies – and then given the party contributions later. Bilderberg is unlikely to discuss policy details, that is for government and military but they will have made sure that the politicians knew how serious they were about Iraq.

So when Alex Jones stands up and says that Bilderberg is discussing a particular policy – I suspect not, issues will be discussed and alliances will be forged. And this will then set government policy.

Does this mean Bilderberg is powerful? Absolutely. Does it direct world policy? In some ways. But it is actually the bringing together of the money and power, the work done by the Steering Committee. They know who is hiring and who is for sale. They know who is like-minded, they match interests and bring them together. Discussion leads to alliances amongst like-minded, new and old, delegates return to their respected offices and policy is made – supported by ongoing communication with a dig here, a push there to ensure policy is put into practice.

Billderberg is the ultimate “Behind Closed Doors” engine, and all policy is made “Behind Closed Doors”.

So what does this mean for the people of the world? Bilderberg is two things – money and power. And that is us, it is our money and our power taken away from us. Corporate power, business and finance, comes from accumulating all our wages and creating money from that accumulation. Change the way you spend, don’t allow them to accumulate your money. Live sufficiently and make what you buy local and personal transactions – not going down the supermarket and buying what they sell us. Live sufficiently. And power. That comes from a democratic vote, use that vote. Vote for honest people, people of integrity who when they stand up to speak you know they are telling the truth. Look for the truth. Don’t look at the pizazz and hype that comes from party campaigning, that is paid for by money – Bilderberg money? Look for truth. Look at Obama and Blair. What have they done? Their actions show who their allegiance belongs to. Ignore their words, they are bought. Look at their actions. Their actions tell the truth. When you see that truth, look for people who tell the truth. And when the people start looking for the truth, then truth will become a commodity that politicians will require. Look for integrity and use your insight to find that integrity, and then politics will end being “Behind Closed Doors”.

Participate in your democracy with insight.

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