Difficulty with rhetoric

Posted: 23/09/2011 by zandtao in Media, Struggle

Iran – President Ahmedinajad at the UN

To fully place this blog into context it is necessary to read the addendum.

My first reaction when I read this article from RT about “Ritual walkout during Ahmadinejad UN speech” was that I laughed – I could have been saying that. However I wasn’t careful enough of the RT position. I would have legitimately questioned 9/11, and asked why bin Laden wasn’t arrested to stand trial, but there is no way I would have questioned the holocaust. This is what the BBC said:-

“Diplomats from more than 30 countries, including the US and EU nations, left the hall as he attacked the West, denounced Israel and questioned the Holocaust.”

But then I read CNN, and here is what they said “Ahmadinejad said the U.S. government views Zionism as “sacred,” and that “European countries still use the Holocaust after six decades as the excuse to pay (a) fine or ransom to the Zionists.” That certainly appears true to me.

Questioning the holocaust, that was a significant aspect of the speech that RT left out if it was in the speech. I realise RT have an anti-US stance, but this feels like doctoring the news. Questioning the apartheid policies of zionism sits easily with me, so if this is just a BBC slant, then perhaps I would have been OK with the speech.

Here is the nearest I am going to know the truth – Democracy Now news on 23 Sept:-

But even then what he said was translated as “questioning the holocaust”. Questioning if the holocaust happened is not acceptable, questioning whether the zionists misuse global sympathy, that compassionate people must have for the treatment of the Jews in the second world war, is a legitimate question.

Actually here is the full speech, and I have to say I mostly agree – it is worth reading. His references to Israel that RT ignored I have actually been covered in this blog already. He attacks zionism, fine. I have doubts when he questions the holocaust but his sentence was “ By using their imperialistic media network which is under the influence of colonialism they threaten anyone who questions the Holocaust and the September 11 event with sanctions and military action.” I am not sure what questioning of the holocaust he wants, but his statement is true. I do disagree with this religious imperialism “Efforts must be made with a firm resolve and through collective cooperation to map out a new plan, on the basis of principles and the very foundation of universal human values such as Monotheism, justice, freedom, love and the quest for happiness.” This is the lack of religious tolerance in Islam but his other universal values are great. It is an indication of corruption in our world that when a man speaks the truth our leaders walk out, and our media presents the man as heinous for his speech.

Here is an RT clip, an interview:-

It is hard-hitting but again I could be saying it – not so eloquently. There is no mention of the holocaust, but maybe there was in the interview.

But then a sensible part of me said. Why is he going to the UN and antagonising the US in their power-base? I don’t know but it is frightening for the Iranian people. I think of 9/11, and the people of Tehran on the streets in sadness giving their support for the deaths of the American people – scene at the beginning of the movie Why We Fight. Now they have a leader who is confronting the US might – the might of a corporatocratic war machine that has used nuclear bombs, who have had no qualms in invading Afghanistan and Iraq, that is sending drones to Pakistan and Yemen, and have backed NATO support for the Libyan rebellion. Do the Iranian people actually want this rhetoric?

I remember hearing somewhere that Noam Chomsky questioned Iran. My antenna should have picked that up before giving support to a speech that I did not have the transcript of. Good lesson to learn as well as the lesson that RT will censor to suit their own ends. I knew that really.

Addendum (27/9/11):-

This blog illustrates a problem with politics, how do you know what to believe? When I hear the rhetoric of President Ahmadenijad at the UN, I want to cheer and point out the hypocrisy of the western representatives and those they have pressured to walk out when hearing the truth. I hear the stories of the repression in Iran, and I begin to question their veracity – more corporatocratic media spin? And then yesterday there is a press conference with the released US hikers, here is what they said:-

In their talk there is no defence of being American, no jingo drums, no stars and stripes. They said much of the truth about the US position in the world, and that they were hostages in the struggle between Iran and the US. And they clearly stated that Iran was a repressive dictatorship. At the CFR Hillary described Iran as a military dictatorship, I want to disagree when I hear Ahmadenijad at the UN but when these young Americans speak from the heart I cannot. Politicians, can you ever trust them? Especially when they say the truth. It reminds me of Mugabe, a hero for so many during Zimbabwe independence, what did he do to his people? I must be so careful of rhetoric I agree with.

  1. […] but in truth there is no need with Iran for such propoganda, the Clerics create it for themselves. Anti-imperialist rhetoric from Ahmedinajad can fool cursory inspection but not insight, investigation and logic. My position is best summed up […]

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