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Posted: 23/09/2011 by zandtao in Finance, War

I have been getting calmer until today, mainly because I have been meditating more consistently; but today I lost my calm. And what has annoyed me is drones. The very word sounds innocuous – drones. Drone – those classrooms when I was young of the teacher droning on, of course I never droned when I was teaching!

Here is a news snippet (Democracy Now 21/9/2011):-

Bases are being built in Ethiopia and Seychelles for drone attacks on supposed Al Qaeda members in Somalia and Yemen, previous drones have also come form Djibouti.

Drones are planes that are not manned and kill people. Not the teacher.

Drones are planes that are not manned and kill people. Is he droning on?

Drones are planes that are not manned and kill people. Boring isn’t it?

Drones are planes that are not manned and kill people. Another drone attack on the news?

Drones are planes that are not manned and kill people. More dead but they are not us, and our airmen aren’t killed.

For the US “War for Profit” machine drones are ideal:-

Drones are expensive.

No Americans are killed.

Imagine if they had had drones the US would still be in Vietnam. OK there is no attempt here at analysis it is just the use of such machines to kill people is heinous. Landmines, they are nothing, just maim people and you have to go to all the expense and effort of planting them. Drones much better. you send out these machines and they kill people with no danger to any NATO countries.

Well that is not true. The more drones the more terrorists because what choice have these people got when machines are killing them. Target where the machines are being made. And where is that? So people defending themselves from drones become terrorists, and we have more “War on Terror”, thank you David Rockefeller (see quote at side of page).

Here is more informed information from the Bureau of Investigative Journalism about the deaths from drones in Pakistan.

Corroboration on the drones from RT. Check this RT clip:-

I then investigated the cost of the drones, someone had done so on wiki – go to wikipedia and type “General_Atomics_MQ-1_Predator”. It appears that all drones come from General Atomics, and here are the wiki figures:-

RQ-1 / MQ-1 Predator

Role Remote piloted, UAV
Manufacturer General Atomics Aeronautical Systems
First flight July 1994
Introduction July 1995
Status Active
Primary user United States Air Force
Produced 1995–present
Number built 360 (285 RQ-1, 75 MQ-1)[1]
Program cost US$2,387 million (2011)[2]
Unit cost US$40 million (FY1997, for 4 aircraft and associated equipment)[3] (US$4.5 million per aircraft[4])
Developed from General Atomics GNAT
Variants MQ-1C Grey Eagle
Developed into MQ-9 Reaper

Unit cost is significant but the program cost is approx. US$2,400 million, money worth going to war for?

Similar view on drones

Addendum 2/11/11

Do you believe that I am wrong about drones and the link between finance and war? In this article from Danger Room the writer describes how money has been allocated for drones that the DHS don’t want (in a time of financial crisis?). It shows the power of lobbies, in this case “Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Caucus,”

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