NWO Plan – Introduction

Posted: 19/09/2011 by zandtao in Finance, Insight, Struggle, War
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NWO Plan – Introduction

This page began as a discussion of the New World Order but the question that really needs considering is this:-

Is there a New World Order?

There are no doubts that the puppets of the corporatocracy since George Bush Senior have been using the term, but for me I am not certain why the term is being used. What is new? In examining history we can see changes. To begin with we have aristocracy and serfdom, then gradually the aristocracy merged with business so that we had a working class of industrial workers and peasants. Because of the level of transportation this occurred within national boundaries. To begin with power existed within land-ownership, then there was a gradual change as financial power started to grow. Through piracy and then colonial trade, global wealth began to be accumulated to the landowners, businesses and financeers within a few western nation states. Once trade expanded beyond national boundaries – colonialism, the businessess grew and grew to what they are – transnationals. At the same time financial organisations took on international character, leading to the corporatocracy we have at present – transnational corporations, international banking and finance institutions. These power-brokers control governments and the global finance bodies such as the banks and IMF, but there is no change in the global order – money and power has simply accrued to fewer and fewer people.

Indicative of this is the publicity surrounding the Bilderberg group (their official site here). This group appears to be very influential in public affairs – and influence is very important in the way our world is run; of course I am not a member so I cannot know for sure what goes on. Various people try to promote awareness of the Bilderberg group and the New World Order, one specifically being Alex Jones. Now Alex Jones is charismatic although I find him egotistical. Mostly I find him on the money. His description of the power of the bankers, the manipulation of the American people to suit the aims of the few seems absolutely correct – as far as I can know. But he appears to preceive a change in governemnt post-Kennedy, and he appears to suggest that this is the New World Order. Now whilst his movies appear accurate he offers very little hard evidence – mind you neither do I, I am however surprised that I could not join his website. In a nice way I would like to ask him (or someone who understands him) about his Republican position, would he accept the analysis I started this entry with? I looked at Aaron Russo, and he appears to have a similar Republican position. Does it matter that they are Republican? As a rule of thumb what Alex Jones describes of the corporatocracy is true, I am unsure of all the freemason talk, but tend to ignore that because what is important is action rather than attributing demonics. I support Alex Jones’ call for democratic action, you must choose how.

There is no doubt in my mind that the corporatocracy are moving towards a position of directing the global arena to increase their profits – both to the corporations and finance institutions; this is in line with the accumulation strategy described above. In terms of the UN, the US through the Security Council already control UN actions, but also because of the US the UN lacks teeth. Maybe it will be powerful.

However the corporatocracy maintains control through US Foreign Policy, I therefore felt it important to try to understand recent US foreign policy. Alex Jones talked of the Council on Foreign Relations, and he was absolutely correct there. In seeing what the NWO plan is the CFR is a good place to start, and watching CFR is what this page is for now.

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