Intention or Institutional Failure?

Posted: 12/09/2011 by zandtao in Finance, Struggle, War

Intention or Institutional Failure

Here is an article from describing ‘US Empire starts to fold’. Attacking the US Empire is still obviously a populist Russian platform. Here is a quote from the article:-

““Even in a country as advanced as the super-power America, institutional structures were at fault. Many people said the institutional and bureaucratic procedures did not allow them to shoot down those planes before they hit the World Trade Center,” he (Afshan Rattansi) said”, whilst referring to ” why the US did not manage to prevent the terror act from happening”.

It is essential to understand that this was not an unfortunate institutional error. It is common in the West for institutions to be blamed for failures. Our education system fails because of intitutional problems, similarly our hospitals and so on. These are not institutional failures they are successes. Education is not a failure it succeeds in maintaining the status quo, hospitals do not fail the rich. The status quo in our society is by intention, and is working satisfactorily in the interests of the corporatocracy.

And the biggest intention to understand is that the War on Terror is by design intentionally to profit the Military Industrial Complex irrespective of the death and misery that is caused. The peoples of our democracies need to know that our relative wealth is borne out of the intended profiteering from war, and that a key aspect of our war strategies is the intention to go to war for profit. Our NATO lifestyles depend on war.

Perhaps there are Russian business people who gain from War for Profit so cannot present the full truth?

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