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Posted: 11/09/2011 by zandtao in Insight, Struggle, War
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(Added to NWO Plan page)

I had been aware of the Council on Foreign Relations. A Think Tank is supposedly acceptable within a democracy but when you have Western democracies in the state they are in then Think Tanks become very dangerous. However at the same time organisations such as the Council on Foreign Relations do bring some transparency to the process because on their website you can see the formation of US policy – all you need to find it is cfr.org. There are always people who put career first – here are some promoting the 9/11 war agenda:-

watch this

And the headline on the website “Lost US Opportunities after 9/11”, here is an interview with the head of CFR. Pleasingly there are no wars in sight, although it angers me a little when he says “the Iraq War never should have happened, but that the main shortcoming in the past decade was the U.S. failure to take advantage of “this extraordinary moment in history, where the United States enjoyed an absolute as well as relative position vis-à-vis the rest of the world that really was without precedent.” Haass says progress has been made in the past decade against terrorism, but it will never be completely eradicated. The biggest threats, he says, “to the quality of life in this country, to our ability to lead in the world come from within: the economy, the deficit, the debt, problems of infrastructure, problems of education, problems of productivity, persistent unemployment.” What is interesting about this is that there is then a project called Renewing America where the Think Tank is thinking about these 6 issues – so you can see where the US is going.

But what angers me is this:-

Iraq Deaths Estimator

yet the head of the Council Foreign Relations simply describes US involvement in Iraq as a mistake. How many dead mistakes?

It would be nice to have minutes of the Bilderberg group (or opinion here), but maybe the CFR is on the way to that?

** (added 20/9/11)
Here is an indication that it is. Have a look at this page – accessed as CFR’s Think Tank?

The David Rockefeller Studies Program. Does that not point to it the CFR being bankrolled to follow a Bildeberg agenda?**

It is important to keep an eye on what they are doing, I will be looking at RAD – Rebuilding America’s Defenses from here. Today I have realised that I am taking on too much, there is not the balance and calm that I discuss on my Insight page. It has become necessary to rationalise and to that extent I am going to limit what I focus on – I have been trying to focus on too much during my catch-up. It is important to watch what the plans of these people are. The main purpose of this blog is to struggle for peace by using insight into the corporatocracy, this page is going to be looking at the plans they are making in terms of US foreign policy.


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