US Blueprint for Disaster

Posted: 09/09/2011 by zandtao in Insight, War

When I was in the NUT I learnt that the best way to know what was going to happen in education by reading in detail the letters from the Department of Education. No matter how unpopular or educationally unacceptable the proposals were, once money was thrown at the project there were always some people whose career matters too much for them who would do what the department wanted.

When I first started learning about politics my African teachers told me to look at Bretton Woods and the Marshall Plan, and you can see what was going to happen – what did happen.

Information Clearing House has found the document for American Foreign Policy written before Bush Junior got in office. This Information Clearing House article was written in 2002, and the report is called “Rebuidling America’s Defenses” from PNAC.

Download the report here or here

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