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Posted: 05/09/2011 by zandtao in Finance, Struggle
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I have just watched most of Alex Jones’ movie, the New World Order, and I found it depressing – but not because of its content. Most of what Alex Jones is talking about I accept – the political content, but who does it attract? I am finding it hard not to attack these people. I suppose I am considered a nut so then it is OK to say that Alex Jones attracts nuts. I listened to Alex Jones – he ranted. The young man at the end was almost in tears, ranting; what will happen to him in the long run? At best a drunken stupour. Where is the balance?

So this is one version of what it means to be a conspiracy theorist. I accept conspiracy theories but not like this. When I watched Aaron Russo, I saw an “Audience of the Lost” but by comparison it appears that these Alex Jones’ followers are even more lost. The point about these conspiracy theories is to maintain a balance. Aaron began his movie with the notion that the bankers started to take control in 1913. This is enough as a basis. It does not mean that every conspiracy theory has to be believed. If you take the notion of the corporatocracy – MIC and bankers – what more is needed? Logic does the rest. There was a need for a new Cold War, so what do we get? War on Terror, – especially as David Rockefeller set out a blueprint.

But what does Alex Jones? Rather than looking at the logic and the movement, he develops a cult of personality attracting all those who want call conspiracy. When there is a lack of discernment then we lose the most important people – the ordinary people. It is necessary for train drivers, teachers, machinists, monks, nurses, priests – all working and non-working people to work together and begin to accept that what is in place is a corporatocracy, and the only choice we have is a democratic movement to attempt to influence the opportunists. Whilst I understand survivalists they don’t qualify as “ordinary”, and how many sensible people want to chum up with right-wing militia – especially socialists who understand the need to fight the fascism that inspires Breivik etc.

It is now clear why Alex Jones is tolerated, his divisive approach suits the need of the corporatocracy whose fear is an organised movement of the proletariat fashioning a genuine democracy and controlling the corporatocratic puppets. A depressing movie, please tell me I am wrong. Of course I am not American, so maybe he is more populist – he would not be accepted by Americans I have met.

Addendum 18/9/11:-

I have tried to understand Alex Jones and Republicanism by joining his forum – no reply. Don’t understand this but it is worrying. I have joined the CFR and Department of Defense for the express purpose of knowing the enemy as expressed in blogs here, and there was no problem.

  1. naivelysage says:

    Alex Jones comes across as paranoid and plays to the paranoid tendencies of his audience but as they say just because you’re paranoid it doesn’t mean that they’re not out to get you. A lot of the video is about 9/11 and my feeling is that while there may be questions with regard to foreknowledge of the incident and the way that it was used it is unlikely to have been an ‘inside job’ because something on that scale would be leaked unless we assume a conspiratorial organisation of sci-fi proportions which I believe violates the Occam’s razor principle. Nevertheless I think Jones does a lot of good getting people to think beyond the mindless pap served to them by the MSM. Unlike the Breivik facists Jones is not anti Muslim or anti Black, a lot of what he says shows how Muslims internationally and Blacks domestically are being screwed by the NWO and he makes the connection between these groups and his constituency of alienated Whites .. in this sense he is a lot less divisive than the MSM. Sometime you have to act crazy to get people to pay attention.

    • zandtao says:

      I have mentioned my view about Trots a number of times, this guy is as divisive if not more so – personal experience. What is needed is more people recognising the problem and most people avoid this kind of paranoia (your word). I don’t know enough about 9/11 but the Rockefeller quote at the side of this blog is very sinister. It is also convenient that there was a 7/7. 9/11 has been a tremendous excuse for war – and profiting – check this –

      I doubt if 9/11 was 100% manufactured but there is no way I accept that it was 100% Al Qaeda. If it was why wasn’t bin Laden arrested? I suspect US security knew about it before it happened and facilitated it.

      MSM? I guess this is an acronym for Trots.

      Does Alex Jones get things known? Or does he get himself known?

      I think they want the crazy people to be associated with the truth. Calm people saying it like it is a big threat, crazy people are marginalised.

  2. naivelysage says:

    MSM = mainstream media.

    You are doubtless right about Alex Jones turning some people off but I think he brings others in. Not everyone can listen to Chomsky. It’s maybe a bit like the difference between Krishnamurti and Osho. You can make others aware without being pure yourself.

  3. zandtao says:

    I would be surprised if Alex Jones didn’t turn off most of the people who listened to him, but who can really say? Chomsky might bore people but I don’t think he would alienate them as Alex Jones would. I could imagine a few people listen to Alex Jones and the rest are alienated by his boorishness. I feel the issue of alienation is important. Having experienced it with Dick North and the way he manipulated members of the union at Dick Sheppard, and having seen it with other Trots in Brighton I think alienation is a big issue. People react emotionally to the truth because of the way people behave.I suspect most of the people at Dick Sheppard that Dick manipulated have long given up on politics, whilst I wasn’t as active as I might have been since I left the UK I have always maintained some awareness. With Dick around, I could never work on the correct side of politics because of the way he manipulated – and not in the interest of the people (in Dick S case the students).He was only interested in his intellectualism, his following and the party line.

    We have very different views of K and Osho I suspect. Despite K’s immoral conduct I discussed him here a few times, I still completely accept his need for constant questioning. I have little time for Osho – discussed here a couple of times.

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