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Whilst the politics of the food industry is disgraceful, it pales into comparison with what happens in the cancer industry. You would think at least that the corporatocracy would want to heal people of a serious illness like cancer. But in practice it is far from this with the industry seeking to profit from the ill health of so many.

First and foremost I am not a qualified medical practitioner. As a lay person my views are not professional, and if it matters to you you must seek a professional opinion. But let’s be clear that opinion could be biased. Doctors are trained at universities or medical schools. There they are taught what the establishment believes, and what the establishment believes is what Big Pharma wants it to believe. Trainees go to uni where they are trained in the cause and cut or pill method of western medicine. When they are qualified doctors they learn of new drugs to cure from the Big Pharma reps. With cancer the oncologist believes in the cutting of chemo, and patients, whilst occasionally getting temporary cures, in general suffer like Farrah Fawcett (she made this documentary of her dying from cancer – links and discussion in blog) – was she dying from chemo or cancer?

There is no medical model for cancer but perhaps there is a model that could be considered. Cancer is a growth, and for it to grow it needs a fertile “soil”. Such fertile soil exists in bodies that are not balanced, that are suffering from lifestyle diseases. For example suppose someone eats a lot of sugar and drinks alcohol their system will be acidic. This acidity attracts cancerous growth. Then there is candida – yeast excess, this also increases acidity and can encourage cancerous growth. What about mucus that is blocked and stored up in the body? Or internal organs that are deteriorating from misuse, such as the liver that is being destroyed because of all the toxins it is having to deal with – say from drinking or eating sugar. I am suggesting that cancerous growth can come from imbalance in the body caused by excess of one form or another.

The liver is a fundamental organ whose purpose is to fight off toxins, in general our livers get hammered and for many that hammering eventually turns into disease. If the body ingests too many toxins the liver can’t cope, and one result can be cancer – the excess toxins acting as a soil for the cancer. Common-sense tells you that if you are getting cancer – or any lifestyle disease such as diabetes (type II), the first thing you need to do is detoxify your system. Why isn’t this the first thing that the doctor recommends when you get cancer? If someone has cancer they are generally desperate for something to do to try to help themselves, why don’t doctors tell them to detox? Detox can be uncomfortable, headaches, diarrhoea etc., but can it damage the system? I think not, but I would listen to professional experience on this. So whatever treatment the establishment recommends, at least they can recommend a detox.

The next stage is not to introduce new toxins into the system, and this is where there is conflict with industry – Big Food. Because our problem lifestyles come from drinking and toxins in processed food. If we can eat organic food – veg, fruit, whole grains, pulses and some sea fish, then we are not introducing new toxins and our livers will improve especially if we add turmeric to our food – a spoon if turmeric in a glass of water daily helps.

Once our livers are healthier our systems begin to deal with other problems, and a major one is pH balance. In gardening we need the correct pH for healthy growth, and the same for the human body we need a pH balance. Now the toxins we usually eat, such as sugar or alcohol, make our systems acidic, lowering our pH and making our system more susceptible to cancers. Balancing our pH helps our bodies grow harmoniously. Now whatever treatment your doctor gives you, creating this pH balance through correct eating cannot hurt. As our system are usually acidic we look to making our system more alkaline, and one of the most powerful ways of doing this is baking soda (in fact it can be too powerful). Dr Simoncini sees baking soda as a cure for cancer, and in his clinic in Italy he injects baking soda directly into the cancerous growth and claims success. This is worth considering.

Now the next concern I have is the balance of the intestinal flora, these often get damaged by antibiotics (as does the liver). To redress this balance we need to eat fermented foods. I started with rejuvelac. This helped especially with bowel movements. But it was not enough, and I moved onto kimchee – I prefer this to sauerkraut although both help. And I still had a candida excess so I made kombucha tea and kefir. As with all health the choice has to be yours – what best suits your system.

There is a 4-stage process towards good health that ought not to conflict with any cancer treatment:-

1) Detox
2) No toxins
3) pH balance
4) Intestinal flora balance

In the book, The Treatise of Zandtao, that I am writing, I stress a three tenet approach as a way of life:-

Improving the mind

Harmonising our energy

Taking care of our bodies

Why isn’t the above 4-stage healing approach to diet not recommended – and also why isn’t Chi Gung and meditation? In fact the opposite is actually true. Start by watching “Healing Cancer from the Inside Out”, this will show the importance of diet and the resistence of the cancer industry.

In the movie Gerson (scroll down this blog entry for two movies – “Dying to have known” or “The Beautiful Truth”), we find out that this cancer treatment is forced out of the US, there is a clinic in Mexico and one in Hawaii ( I know the contradiction but I don’t understand it). Now Gerson is a raw food approach which I am sure contains the above steps. The movie shows well-documented evidence that this raw food approach helps with cancer but who recommends it? Have a look at Steven Luch’s blog as he works through his cancer (he is now teaching in Phnom Penh).

If how I eat (my diet) is anything it is a macrobiotic diet although I don’t follow the yin-yang details. At this blog-entry I have testimony of 4 people who have recovered from cancer following a macrobiotic diet with the help of a counsellor.

And then for me perhaps the most enigmatic of all, Burzynski. In this movie he describes the trials and tribulations he has had with the FDA, being taken to court etc. He has much evidence that his urine therapy works – an established naturopath method, yet for some reason his treatment is not tested.

Well I say “for some reason”, for me there is no doubt. The cancer industry makes a phenomenal amount of money with the status quo, a status quo where people do not question the medical establishment. This branch of the corporatocracy makes huge profits through insurance in the treatment of cancer by chemo, and as the Gerson movie points out, as does Burzynski, there is no evidence to support chemo as a cure. In fact it makes little sense cutting out chunks of the body and leaving toxins inside.

If sadly you are warned about cancer or diabetes (Type II) try this 4-stage process:-

1) Detox
2) No toxins
3) pH balance
4) Intestinal flora balance

with chi gung and meditation.

  1. An article in The Economist of September 3rd-9th 2011 talks about the experiments performed on rodents and suggests that bacteria dwelling in the gut can affect the brain, and thereby influence an individual’s mood and behavior. The role of probiotics in the diet has been mentioned.
    This idea is not new at all. Homeopaths have been aware of the effect of the bowel flora on the health for almost a hundred years. This was first highlighted by John Paterson in the early 1900s.
    It is heartening to note that what was published by a homeopath in the early 20th century is being confirmed by modern day researchers.
    Your readers may want to read more about this at:…e-our-behavior/

  2. zandtao says:


    Thanks for your comment. I am not at all surprised that natural healers such as homeopaths have discussed probiotics – it was never my intention to suggest that I was being innovative. I wish only to promote the recognition that healing can be done through appropriate diet. I had trouble with your link, does this work better?

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