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Posted: 31/08/2011 by zandtao in Big Food, Health
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To begin looking at health we need to begin to look at our food. There is a functional relationship between healthy eating and good health, if we eat healthily then we maintain good health – and the converse is also true if we eat food containing toxins our bodies become diseased. For me fighting disease means eating healthily, and by doing so personally I have become far more vital. In my last few years of working it was always an effort. I would get into work and the demands of the job kept me motivated, but getting home I was tired and did nothing during term-time. In early retirement I don’t feel as if I am carrying my body around, life is not an effort, and I put this down to healthy eating where I have an ongoing process of detoxifying as I strive to live happily. As I have said I use Paul Pitchford for specific problems but mainly I am concerned about detoxification, a conscious process of detoxifying and equally a conscious process against retoxifying. And to stop the toxins entering my system I had to stop eating processed foods. Now this is not easy but it is worthwhile. Eat what comes from the ground locally. I spend far more time cooking and shopping – that is unavoidable.

And what am I avoiding? Big Food. To understand why watch Food Inc – this movie is far more eloquent then I am – Earthlings also shows how we treat animals but it does not directly relate it to our health – see blog entry.

Since watching this film I have become aware of how endemic this poisoning for profit has become. I was particularly angered by the manipulations of the corporatocracy in get
ting acceptance of aspartame. Please check these earlier comments and find a link to a movie on aspartame – Donald Rumsfeld!

I have not followed the GM issue as much as I should. I am totaly against genetic engineering as it seems totally against nature – I consider myself to eat “Natural” food. I have an acquaintance who drinks too much coke. I tried to check the ingredients but for some reason it is acceptable for coke to be considered secret – I then discovered yesterday that HFCS is a GM food. I found this YouTube clip:-

or watch it from here. I knew that GM meant that the corn was modified so that it was compatible with the pesticide but I didn’t know what that meant. They guys spitting out the corn showed me. The GM corn is never used as corn because it has been damaged, it is sent away to be converted to this sweetener – and then they showed the poisons that are added to make High Fructose Corn Syrup. I then went on to watch “King Korn”, it kind of ambles through the issues within the wider ambit of corn and Iowa farming – the pertinent political points are in the clip but the movie is good context.

Jeffrey Smith is an anti-GM activist, and this is a talk of his – watch it for details about GM (also available at his website). I particularly note the FDA approach that is something like, GM foods are like foods so we don’t need to test them – even though his talk quotes testers who have said that GM is linked to un known disease. When you mess about at the genetic level it is bound to have unknown consequences. There are good resources at the website Institute of Responsible Technology. I note that GM products are illegal in many countries, but do you believe that the HFCS in your UK coke is GM-free? I am not so sure when I hear this on the news:-

At the beginning of the talk Jeffrey spoke about the tipping point. In an earlier campaign people had fought against rGBH – genetically-engineered bovine growth hormone – in milk. When enough people refused to buy milk with it in, then Walmart and others refused to sell it. Enough people had created a tipping point where it was not profitable for the companies to sell – consumer power – what an MCN could be part of. Tipping Point!

Finally I watched Alex Jones on food – download here, I could have been saying the same thing without the ranting.

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