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Because I have written about the New World Order (Alex Jones and NWO ), I need to take a view on The Illuminati as the New World Order are often associated.

Applying my limited insight I can offer no conclusions as to whether to support propositions concerning the Illuminati. However I can put forward the following observations:-

1) I assess that many people who discuss the Illuminati have gained insight into global political reality, the recognition that there are powerful elites working behind the scenes to accumulate profits, that these people create wars to make profits – I could have written these political realities in this blog – in fact I have!!

2) Freemasons – I do not know enugh about freemasons except I do know they exist because I met someone who admitted he was one. How far their network extends I don’t know. Does their network include Tony Blair, George Bush etc.? I have no idea. Arrogant and powerful people tend to let things slip, they like to show off. When you have the all-seeing eye on the dollar bill, one has to wonder. All the other circumstantial evidence of the influence of freemasons cannot be dismissed but it is that – circumstantial. If it walks like a dog and barks like a dog, then it is a dog – I cannot go as far as that. But freemasons do influence political power in some way – even if it is only jobs for the boys.

3) Occult – the world of the occult cannot be dismissed as non-existent. Every major religion talks of the devil, mara or something evil. Can people call up spirits from beyond? I don’t know, nor do I want to know. When I was in Africa people spoke of these spirits, and they often said it never affected white people. How true that is I don’t know but I did advise one African friend to be true to himself, and he found it helped in dealing with what he viewed as magic being practiced on him.

4) Alesteir Crowley – This man is fascinating and definitely a man to keep away from. Apparently he had many followers in high society when he was alive. I was reading his book “Diary of a Drug Fiend”, and his writing was hypnotic. It was so powerful it made me consider drugs just to test the experience – I had to stop reading. I have no doubts that his personal power came from his dealings with the occult, but how? I have no idea.

5) Religion – In this blog there is a ONE planet page – my religion. The left wing dismiss religion, primarily because they are intellectuals in my view. Religion has power. Insight can be developed through meditation so it can be seen as a religious process, it has tremendous power. To ignore the power of religion is a political error. Having accepted the importance of religion, how that relates to the Illuminati is certainly not clear.

But to draw all the above strings together and say that we are ruled by an illuminati of freemasons who include world leaders that are involved in occult practices, I cannot make that jump. Maybe you can. The evidence presented around is not sufficient to make the jump, but it never could be.

But there is a danger in this Illuminati analysis. I remember David Icke when he was a smoothie sportscaster. Then he started talking about lizards, and I dismissed him. Unfortunately his political analysis of how there is a world elite politically manipulating wars for me is on the button, but I never looked at that until I watched his talk at Oxford. Categorising our world leaders as satanists involved in devil-worship might also lead people, on rejecting satanism, to dismiss the veracity of the political analysis. At the same time people who believe in this film will dismiss others who don’t. So politically we have people who have the same insight into the way this Superclass are manipulating the world for profits, and these people are not working together because one group calls them devil worshipping freemasons and another can’t accept that. I have no objection to seeing the political enemy as The Illuminati, but I cannot accept that it is because they are devil worshippers.

I also feel there is a psychological point that is worth considering. Some of these people (illuminati) are described as feeling different, beyond a certain charisma I don’t accept they are different. We live in a world dominated by greed. These people take that greed to a “new dimension” by accepting that war is a suitable way to make profits. But it is the same greed that stabs our neighbour in the back or allows us to climb on the backs of friends for promotion. Perhaps we don’t want to face our own greed so we like to think that the greed of these capitalists is something different – devil worship. Personally I don’t think so, they are just human beings like you and I who have allowed themselves to be attached to greed. No one person in this world, George Bush, Tony Blair – whoever, stands up and says I want to start a war with Iraq to make a profit but when historically countries have benefitted from war profits people are not going to turn away the money. This is what we are dealing with, a status quo in which we profit from actions such as war. Such profiteering might be evil but it need not be devil-worship.

This concern about the dubious practices of the Illuminati is much more serious than I first thought. David Icke was speaking at Oxford, and it came across that he had some popularity. Young people have to be angry at the state of the world, it is their innocence – the same innocence of lifelong monks. I remember my own youthful anger looking for a target – the system, society, whatever. And I was looking for answers, how did the world get in this state? So the young people look and are told satanic cults, world leaders are satanists.

Then what happens? They become isolated because of their beliefs, and eventually they reject them. But they reject the package. If the corporatocracy are not satanists, then the US MIC is not causing the wars. If they are not freemasons then there are no small cabals manipulating the global economy. If this is what they say they will be rejecting the truth whilst rejecting the extremism.

These extreme beliefs are divisive. What are the Superclass afraid of? Effective collective action. This could come in terms of trade union action, and with less confrontation mindful consuming. They are concerned about action that affects their money. It is political activists who disappear, or whistleblowers and Assange who are targetted. These people are the dangers – the collective action, not the extremism of David Icke or Alex Jones. Apart from promoting these beliefs what actions do these demagogues encourage? None, it is all about promoting beliefs. And these beliefs can never be populist because of their extremism, so the beliefs are not a threat. Yet because they are divisive they are useful to the Superclass. I have said on this page already that Alex Jones is right-wing, as yet I haven’t looked into that. This awareness of the war economy, the manipulation of the banking by the Superclass, and the general exploitation of the corporatocracy are all grasped by Alex Jones, but I believe he attacks the left. Divisive. And whilst correct-thinking people are divided there is little chance of dethroning the corporatocracy.

I suspect young people are looking for something new to explain what is happening, why the world is in the state it is. Growing up in the 60s and 70s we became the love generation (with the pill) – well I didn’t although I wanted to. This was a good time to be alive, there was all kinds of questioning. And there was political action about the Vietnam War with some success. But then in the 80’s Reagan and Thatcher destroyed what remained of the Mass Movement, effectively telling the striving people if you play our game we will give you financial reward. From then on young people became financial slaves, slaves to debt and the wage packet necessary to pay off that debt. Now our students start their working lives with a huge noose around their necks, of course they are looking for something different. But there is no difference, there is only the Struggle. The corporatocracy continue to take advantage of the world’s population, and struggling against them is a thankless task with minimal chance of success. Is this what you offer caring young people? Is it any wonder demagogues with extreme views find captive ears?

When I sought answers to why we were in a mess, I talked about society and the system. I didn’t want to think it was people. But it is, people are greedy. When the majority of people close the minds to the crimes of their government so that they can have their own house and car, they are contributing to the problem. When the Superclass engineer wars by convincing people with a pack of lies, they do not need demonic powers – the people want to believe in their government because they want to maintain their standard of living. Does this make them bad people? In the early 90s I visited apartheid South Africa. Having spent years in the anti-apartheid movement I expected to find heinous white people, but far from it these were just people who wanted a home for their families. They accepted the politics around them because they got what they wanted – home, car and nice lifestyle. The government blamed black people for all their problems, and white house-owners accepted this. They are no different to the Israeli people who believe their Zionist government, and they are no different to the American and British people who have accepted wars in the Middle East. The corporatocracy has it all tied up. They make it easy for people to accept greed for a home and car, and go to war for moral principle. People don’t want to question and fight this as it affects their lifestyle, but sadly the corporatocracy forces us to struggle. There will be no peace whilst we let them do this – sadly, there is no easy choice – they make it that way.

All I can say is that the peace of mind that comes from insight, meditation, and the calm participation in the struggle is enough to bring happiness. And in life there is nothing better than happiness. Satanists and their detractors offer you money, but money can’t buy love and happiness.

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