Questioning to Unlearn

Posted: 21/08/2011 by zandtao in Insight, Struggle
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As we begin to learn that the truth is not as presented in our upbringing, it is essential that we start questioning – and this questioning becomes a way of life. But if we are to question everything this can cause personal instability so we have insight. This insight enables us to see what is around us, and recognise the truth even if those around all speak differently. We need this insight in our spiritual journey, and we also need it when we attempt to unravel the disinformation that is political. To this end we need to unlearn much that we have been taught spiritually and politically as children.

First we need to understand that a primary purpose of our education system is to ensure that we fit in with the corporatocracy – in my book on education as Matriellez I describe this as the corporate paradigm. Whilst our education can provide us with work, it does not provide us with an understanding of the world – we need to question to unlearn. Once we begin to question what we have learnt, we realise that much of our upbringing is about equipping us for the world of work – and this fundamentally means accepting wage-slavery. Once this questioning starts we need insight, and with this insight we develop the strength to withstand the criticisms that are the norm for people who have insight into spirituality and politics – this is the struggle. And insight gives us the strength to accept the struggle as a way of life.

In the Treatise of Zandtao I have so far discussed the way we can learn to cope spiritually. This is based on 3 tenets:-

Improving the mind

Harmonising our energy

Taking care of our bodies

Through the approach detailed in the Treatise we can develop the insight and personal strength that enables us to struggle against the corporatocracy with the calm that comes from being active in a state of permanent revolution.

This blog started as political but will now integrate the struggle as both spiritual and political – eventually finishing up in the book “The Treatise of Zandtao”

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