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Posted: 14/08/2011 by zandtao in Finance, Insight, War
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There is real little political alternative. Usually socialism is counterposed with capitalism. The capitalists, or the term I use for the current phase of capitalism – corporatocracy, function on accumulating as much wealth as they can. What does socialism say? Redistribute that wealth. I remember my time in the trade unions. There you had working people claiming that they should be paid more. Of course they were right, but were they arguing that the slave workers in Asia be paid more? No they were arguing for themselves. I certainly supported these trade unionists in their struggle against the super-rich as that wealth should be spread. But in truth it was heinous greed being replaced by a more tolerable greed. It was a major problem within the trade union movement to argue for fair trade – removal of tariffs, because these trade unionists saw that global inequality benefitted their struggle for greater wages. Whilst a socialist political system might have more benefits for more people, it would only be replacing one small group of greedy people with a larger group functioning through greed. Politically I would always support the trade union movement because any efforts at redistribution has got to be an improvement, but in the end replacing one greed with another will not resolve the problem.

The keyword for a political solution is the word sustainability, on a personal and global level. The Thai King promoted the notion of sustainable economics, and it became a talking point. But it was token. In Thailand there is great respect for the King so all echelons of society had to pay lip-service to what was being said, but the big companies were not being imposed upon, academics used it as an excuse for calls for global political system change, and a loan monk called for action in the communities and forget grandiosities. Whilst he was totally correct in my view, I am not sure who gained from his words. I nominate this monk to be a member of the Mindful Consumer Network although he won’t know it, that is what he is about.

On a personal level sustainability means not being greedy. Examine how you spend, pay only for what is needed, pay for what is healthy, and be happy in the consequences – mindful consuming.

When I say there is no political alternative fundamentally that is because there is an existing system that has a perfectly sound charter – the League of Nations that became the United Nations. If you examine the Charter what more could you want? The point is that it is not the structure but the way people manipulate the structure that causes the problem. You could replace the Charter of the United Nations with a Mission for Global Peace or Let’s Work Together for All the Peoples of the World Man or Love Love Love, it all makes no difference because of the continued greed that nations strive for.

The UN Charter is sound. It is democratic and so on – nothing wrong in theory. In practice what is not liked? Nato countries led by the US says it is unfair on them they have to pay more. Of course they have to pay more they have taken more of the globe’s resources per capita than anyone else. Undrestandably the rest of the world calls for restoration – resdistribution. So the US withdraws its contribution. They are fundamentally the military power of the UN, so the UN has lost its teeth. Recognising the potential Nato uses the UN to promote its own agenda. The UN Executive arm is the Security Council, so a majority of seats are reserved for NATO and allies, and that’s the end of the UN as a force for global justice.

On the net I have seen different global forums suggested. I have no intention in supporting them because quite simply there is nothing better than the UN. Most of the people promoting these alternative fora are western intellectuals. All they are succeeding in doing is diverting attention away from why the UN is not working now. The UN is not working because of NATO countries, the home of these intellectuals. Like with the corporatocracy people do not want to believe the source of the world’s problems is in their backyard. At present that source is greed and who is demonstrating the worst aspects of that greed – the corporatocracy and the western government puppets. Any attempts to find a systemic way around the problem is destroyed by various arms of this corporatocracy.

For peace of mind it is necessary to recognise this. Meditate, use your insight, apply mindfulness to 100% of what is happening in the world, don’t turn away from the corporatocratic problems because it is people of your own country doing it, don’t turn away from the problem because people from the rest of the world say the problem is white people. Use insight, see the world for what it is. It is white governments controlled by the corporatocracy that is the problem. Don’t walk away from that because it is distasteful. It is distasteful. It was my family, my neighbours, my schoolfriends, the people I went to university with, the people I came in contact with in UK society, and myself. We let it happen. When I look back at my life I can see how much money I paid into the system that eventually became accumulated into the coffers of the corporatocracy. I am still paying in – less and less, but I am still paying. These words might influence the occasional person but words have no power. My labour used to have power but not as an individual, and the corporatocracy controlled my union. Now as a retired person I only have the little money they haven’t taken away in my pensions. I need to take the plunge, take the money out of my pension schemes – teachers and state, lose pension and put it in Renewable resources. At the moment nI haven’t got the courage, I need to work on my courage. Mindful means 100% control of my spending.

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