Insight into War

Posted: 05/08/2011 by zandtao in Finance, Insight, War

Fundamental to our western economies is war. War is the engine that drives the economy. The profits from war provides steady income for the banks – borrowing money to finance the war effort, and this steady finance fuels the economy of the corporations. So when Americians go to war to defend “the American Way of Life”, this is the truth but not the wway they understand it. The rhetoric of war talks about democracy, freedom and other such values, but the truth is that it is the very economy of war which reinforces the western way of of life. Watch this movie Why we Fight.

Lessons in understanding come from history. The European colonial countries, starting with Spain, established their prominence on the global stage by invasion, colonisation and exploitation. Our financial histories are coated in blood. Do we in Europe accept this heritage? Do we accept that our economies thrived because of the slave trade? No. Or we say it is in the past. The North of England has mostly changed now, but I grew up there (near there), below a landscape dominated by mills. And the mills were the European end of exploitation out East. Now I didn’t grow up amongst exceptionally nasty people, some people might say northerners are the salt of the earth. But what I did grow up amongst is people whose families had historically benefitted from fleets invading far-off lands, and when people from those lands follow their own money the North is very quick to call for immigration controls.

The two wars in the last century whilst decimating the workforce also fed the UK war machines, but the US strategy in the second world war (intentionally coming in late) left Europe trailing behind the Americans in the hegemony. American wealth continued to grow throught the war-like strategy that John Stockwell called the Third World War. Now western foreign policies are lining up as Thatcher and then Blair have promoted war-like policies that have stimulated the economy financially. The French were almost indecent in their haste to go into Libya, not there the decade of justification of war that Blair laid for Iraq.

This is the insight, this is the basic fundamental depth that we need to perceive to understand how our societies function. We go to war. This is how we survive, we go to war. This how we maintain our standard of living, we go to war. Do we want to believe this? No. How can we? How can we believe that all the people we grew up with survive as they do because we go to war. War is so destructive, the second world war
left Europe decimated, the big British cities had to send off to the Caribbean for a workforce but although the people were decimated and poor the large corporations had thrived on the war effort. The war drove the economy for the second half of the 20th century. The British joined in the Arms Trade stimulated by the Third World War, and with Iraq their strategy changed into direct involvement with Tony stimulating the British economy at the expense of all the Iraqi deaths.

This is insight. Why? Because it is so hard for us to believe. British people are educated, rational and caring. It just doesn’t make sense. does it? Such caring and sensible people would never allow their governments to be war-like for profit. This is where personal conflict in the workplace comes in. In the workplace how many people are able to stand up for what is right? When we talk about right livelihood what kind of problems do we give ourselves to do what is right? And for most people this has nothing to do with the Military Industrial Complex. Try standing up for what is right there. In all avenues of life we are forced to compromise but we don’t draw the connections to the fundamental compromise that our western lifestyles are based on profits from war, yet that is the fundamental insight. Nothing that happens in the world cannot follow from this fundamental insight, how many of us fight for better conditions in the world but fail because of the fundamental economic driving engine of war.

If I was a monk and had never worked I would never believe it. That’s why monks belong with Dhamma. How can cloisters possibly accept such insight?

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