Posted: 05/08/2011 by zandtao in Big Pharma, Finance, Insight, War

Discernment – this mental tool is essential if we are going to be able to use our insight. I have recently had a flu. Kind friends have visited me and they always say “have I been to the doctor?” And I haven’t. Some will push the matter, and I say the doctor will give me antibiotics – which I consider poison. I would rather let my body heal itself – good food, vitamin C etc. How can an unqualified person tell the doctor he is giving antibiotics which damage the liver? So I don’t go. This insight is to understand the relationship between the medical profession and BigPharma, and the discernment is not to visit the doctor. When I am ill it is not easy making those arguments.

I was never fooled by Obama. To begin with I never believed a black man could get into the White House – I was pleasantly surprised to be wrong there. But Obama is not Jesse Jackson, he never wanted to go to the White House to make changes, he wanted to use change as a way of getting into the White House – and then business as usual. To reach the top of the Democratic Party he must have sold out already, and his actions in charge since have shown his nature. He’s good at it. Even now after 3 years of piling damage onto pre-existing problems there are still people who believe in him – or who want to believe in him. There is a phrase that describes him, he is a Wall Street politician. This description means that all his actual policies benefit Wall Street. Don’t bother listening to him, waste of time. In fact trying to make sense of him would only bring heartache – be discerning. Look at this movie “Lifting the Veil” as it contains how his staff appointments ensured his maintaining faith with his Wall Street bosses. Obama’s approach fits neatly into the Military Industrial Complex as described in “Why we Fight”

Tony is of the same ilk, a silver tongue with no moral backbone. Tony is a politician for the Square Mile. It is sad to see that power corrupts so much but insight tells us it does. These politicians employ people (spin doctors) whose sole objective is to confuse people and persuade them that their argument is right. Blair spent 10 years creating information promoting the invasion of Iraq. After such a length of time such a clever man must have produced disinformation and arguments that would be difficult to dispute. It would be hard to dispute them rationally but it would not be very discerning to do so. After all the man is a Square Mile politician and his interest is promoting the economy by war involvement. Use Insight to see Tony for what he is, and then use discernment as to how to address what he has to say. I have not found material that describes British actions in terms of the British Military Industrial Complex although references are made in this movie, Taking Liberties. But this movie particularly scared me as Tony had begun squeezing the rights out of the British people. He would publicly stand up and say people had the right to protest, and I could imagine immediately afterwards he would start some kind of investigation into how it happened that would then infringe liberty.

Use Insight, and be discerning.

To begin with you need a daily source of truth about what is happening in the world:-

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