Breivik – the American Right?

Posted: 28/07/2011 by zandtao in War

The manipulating of the right has taken on bigger dimensions as exemplified by the Oslo bomber, Breivik. It has brought home to me, and I hope to explain here why, the importance of addressing the issues that have brought about this surge in the right. I am tempted to say it is a right-wing backlash but although they might perceive it that way this is far from the truth.

I first came across the right wing during the 80s through the Anti-Nazi League and so on. In truth I found these organisation full of Trots, and it felt to me like they were trying to create an enemy within the UK. For me I never saw those right-wing people as the enemy, and in many ways I still don’t, the enemy was and still is what I now call the corporatocracy. There were also British fascist political groups, but I never felt they were a threat. However the war on Terror has changed all that. It has moved the mainstream agenda far nearer the right extreme, and so it is a small leap from the “mainstream-accepting” right wing and the heinous acts of this extremist.

Here is a clip, a discussion on Democracy Now on 27/7/11, about the connections between Anders Breivik and the American Right:-

To begin Amy says that scholars of Right Wing see him as an “extension of virulently xenophibic narrative with deep roots in the United States”. I haven’t read, nor will read the document, but this clip is enough demonstration. One politician, after the deaths, said this:-

Is it acceptable for such a famous man to say this so soon after a world tragedy?

The programme lists a number of Americans who have impacted on Breivik including World Net Daily. But here is where I get frightened. If this guy is lunatic fringe, then there is safety. However he is close to mainstream as the interviewee, Jeff Sharlet says, people “are building up this Islamic monster and that’s what Breivik goes to”. And he wants to do something:-

76 Dead

People argue that the War on Terror is only against a few Islamic fundamentalist terrorists. As Why we Fight shows us, in the 9/11 aftermath Iranian people were on the street in sympathy with the American people; Corporatocracic interests have turned that sympathy into an enemy that might be the next target for the MIC. In the Islamic world there are no nuclear bombs, a suitable target in Stockwell’s Third World War.

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